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UC Davis Bartender of the Week: Gunrock Pub’s Jordan Gutierrez

This week, we talked to Jordan Gutierrez, a bartender from UC Davis’ very own Gunrock Pub. Here’s what he has to say about everything alcohol-related.

Name: Jordan Gutierrez

Bar: Gunrock Pub

Relationship Status: Taken

Favorite Drink: Champagne—specifically Moet Rose

Favorite Beer: Sierra Nevada IPA Celebration Ale

Favorite Shot: Jameson

What’s the most disgusting drink you’ve ever tasted?

Hennessy. I know that most people love it, but it just really doesn’t float my boat.

Which celebrity would you say is the god(ess) of all alcoholics?

Charlie Sheen.

If you could put together 3 swear/derogatory words to make a new swear word, what would it be?

Ok, I’m gonna mix some Spanish into there as well, so Pirovo, degenerate, useless. I just feel that calling someone ‘useless’ is the biggest insult that one can give.

If Santa gave you a $300 gift card to a liquor store, what one type of liquor would you spend it on?

Red Breast Whiskey.

Name the best Thanksgiving-inspired drink you can think of.

Captain Morgan’s Jack-O Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum, It even comes in a pumpkin-shaped bottle and everything.

Finally, why should people read The Black Sheep?

So they can know more about me!

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