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Top 5 Reasons to Spend Spring Break in the Davis Arboretum

Spring break is the one week every college student dreams of. Seven days of no schoolwork; seven days of no worries; seven days of no stress. The movies depict party-manias in cool, tropical places but here’s a newsflash: those exotic spots cost money. Lots of money. You’re a broke college student, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. After some exploring, we confirmed the best spring break getaway for a Davis student is just a ten-minute bike ride across campus! Listed below are five reasons why the arboretum is a practical destination for #SpringBreak2017.

5.) Outdoorsy Lodge:

For those who love to be one with wood, the arboretum has a decent gazebo construction crafted from murdered trees. There’s even a rickety piano to accompany it where a person can join the hipster guitar jamming sessions. Heck, hang a disco ball in the middle and you’ve got an authentic dance-club vibe. The wraparound benches also provide smooth bedding areas with few splinters.

4.) Natural Spa:

Try an organic mud mask with the otters — for extra bread crumbs they’ll even plaster the mud onto your face with their cute little paws. Listen to the relaxing meditations of someone plunking away at the lodge’s rickety piano music and singing an acoustic version of “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” For even more exclusiveness, lay enclosed within the scratchy shrubbery to get a full Eden experience.

3.) Refreshing Pool:

Dive into a refreshing pond that can be swarming with territorial ducks at any given moment. Another positive is the independent access, because no one else dares to disturb Daffy’s linage. Plus, why not take a swim in the gnat-infested waters? Maybe you’ll even get a souvenir pet fish!

2.) Breathtaking Views:

Don’t miss this Mother Nature sale and pay zero dollars to get better acquainted with nature. The trees and flowers that line the trails only mess with sinuses ninety-nine percent of the time, and those exercising in scarce clothing will certainly take your breath away as they pop out from behind bushes.

1. ) Secluded Beach:

First off, by “secluded” we actually mean “wide-open-space-for-everyone-to-see” and by “beach” we mean “grass.” Thus, it’s that large piece of lawn surrounding the small lake, but it is still a soft place to kick back and relax. The ducks don’t quack too loudly and the squirrels don’t beg for food too often. Plus, sand won’t get into every crevice you never knew existed—grass and bugs will, but not grainy sand.

Lastly, just remember that “arboretum” actually means “cheap get-away” in Otter dialect. Start planning this trip with your friends and be sure to reserve a spot today! Enjoy your #SpringBreak2017.

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