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5 Fun Places Around IV to Talk to Strangers

Talking to strangers is, quite unfortunately, essential to life and living and stuff. But have you noticed how much easier it is to talk to people when there are, like, a lot of other people around? Whether it’s because you can blend into the numbers, talk—about how much you don’t like meeting strangers—to yourself next to a tree (so that whoever looks at you’ll think the other person’s just right behind it), or actually meet a perfectly strange human being, the following rendezvous locations around IV are especially great for this sorta shit.

5.) Not The Del Playa, but The Trigo:

Teeming with life you didn’t know existed outside of notoriously loud, crowded, and proud The Del Playa, the much better The Trigo has got not only a great selection of humans, but…believe it or not…yard space. And yard space means more people that are always outside and doing things and stuff…just with no “Del Playa” geotag to slap on every snapchat ever. But on The Trigo, you’ll snap a chat with someone as quick as midterm season dwindles your will to keep on keepin’ on!

4.) The Stephen Westfall (Very Colorful Geometric Piece by the Art Museum):

The sheer quantity of selfie-taking humans is enough to expect to run into someone new—literally and metaphorically. Beside the fairly certain chance of meeting a strange new someone here, it’s aesthetic AF. Mr. Westfall, you did a great, great job. Really nice. It still looks great even on dozens of people’s actual decent quality photo resolution Facebook profile photos.

3.) The UCSB Performing Arts Center: Hole in the Wall:

Someone put a chair here at peak ominous-hour of night on campus, and it’s actually pretty inviting. Post-up here and someone will definitely come up to at least see what the frick. Plus, if you don’t give a friggin’ heck and you also are in the mood to talk up a potential new pal, the hole in the wall is a classic choice! Neither this, nor the Stephen Westfall, are technically in IV, but still. Classic choice.

2.) Digital Space: TINDER:

Tinder—technically still in IV—is notorious for meeting new peeps! Why notorious? Well, Tinder, especially when occupied by IV-ans, is full of surprises. Just for shitakes and giggles, you can talk to someone who has absolutely zero intention to ever meet you off the screen, someone who offers you just about the creepiest (but even creepier…sorta funny) activities to partake in, or someone who you might be genuinely interested in and accidentally befriend his or her entire friend-group unknowingly on a beach-camping trip he didn’t go on. Surprise!

1.) The Middle of the 3-Way Intersection by Coffee Collab:

Last, but probably best, safest, and smartest option of all: the intersection by Collab. Since someone decided to put a roadblock in front of Gio’s way back when, making the intersection 3-ways instead of four, there is NEVER any car traffic. Just bikes. But who cares? You don’t. With so many busy bees(humans) buzzing here, it’s inevitable you’ll meet a new person. And heck, you’ll most likely make a ton of friends here. Especially when there’s a shit-ton of them at the same time and you’re chatting it up in the middle of the intersection by Coffee Collab.

But, as always, you’re the champion of your own life, and you’re sure to find a place to best meet some new someones. But still, try these and let us know how ya did. We’re rootin’ for you to meet new strangers. So you can do life and live and stuff.

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