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The Top 6 Standard Outfits of Faultlessly Stylish IV Men

The change of the seasons means the ever-shifting fashion industry comes into full bloom here in Isla Vista. Whether you’re hanging up your bandwagon Patagonia in the closet for the summer, or you’re refilling your bandwagon Hydro Flask for another day of sun, keep your over-caffeinated eyes peeled for these impeccably dressed men.

6.) White on White on White:

White people like white accessories. You can catch guys rocking this trend as soon as it’s hot enough to wear shorts. While there can be some variation with the shoes (by replacing them with Vans), the general rule entails wearing the cleanest, whitest Nike crew socks with noticeably dirtier white Converse.

5.) A Shooting Frat Star:

What’s the point of being in Greek life if the entire student body doesn’t know you’re in it? Frat stars take this question very seriously, and make it a point to rep their letters proudly every. single. day. Prepping in advance, these brothers will have a long sleeve shirt or tank top lined up for every day of the week. Often, they will pair these shirts with style.

4.) Student Athletes and Their Medically Necessary Uniforms

Unlike frat stars, athletes wear their uniforms only because of their medically diagnosed farmer’s tan. The blinding contrast of the skin from their chiseled upper arms against skin from the mid-bicep down is dangerous to look at directly, some health officials say. They are usually seen with blue shirts, white crew socks, and some sort of blue Nikes.

3.) Surfers


Arguably the most popular style of the 7, men that rock the surfer look can usually be seen roaming IV on your stolen beach cruiser. Given that they’ve never been introduced to the concept of pants, their go-tos include board shorts, oversized shirts, most likely from Pacsun, and flip flops; unfortunately, they will often abandon any sort of footwear after contracting Bare Foot Syndrome.

2.) Average Josephs:

This style, while particularly popular on college campuses, seems to be a favorite for stylish men across the board. It seems that this season’s color is the same as last season’s—khaki. Certain unstylish men can be seen wearing alternate colors, such as black or blue. However, the best part about this style is its versatility with tops. Men sporting this style can be seen wearing all types of shirts and outerwear, ranging from sports jerseys to flannels to yesterday’s pj shirt.

1.) Tank Brosephs:

Tank top bros are the true men of IV. Indeed, only the most hardened Gauchos will attempt to pull off this style, as one must be either ripped or immune to cold to do so. In the case of the former, men are often forced to wear tanks, as their bulging biceps will not allow themselves to be confined by any sort of sleeve. Men of the latter are often tank-top loyalists, choosing to wear only tanks because of their comfort and +2 Agility.

If you call now, you can still sign up for a self-guided, style-watching tour of Isla Vista! We’ll send you our free booklet with hundreds of different bro styles you can ID yourself! Learn the hard way that you need consent to release photos of other people on our upcoming bro-style photography!


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