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7 Ways to Spice Up Your Crew’s Friendsgiving

A Friendsgiving is a joyous occasion. It’s a way for the girls in your friend group to cook for the guys without it all seeming kind of sexist. But Friendsgiving can get a little dull — aren’t you just going to do the exact same thing with your beloved family and better food only a few days later? If you’re worried this might be the case for you and your friends this November, follow these tips to spicing up your Friendsgiving:

7.) Lots of Spice:
Among the most obvious ways to spice up your Friendsgiving this year is to include lots of spice. The three main spices are paprika, cumin, and garlic. Apply them to your meal in appropriate quantities and your night will be headed in the right direction.

6.) Invite 10 Completely Random People:
What’s the point of Friendsgiving if you don’t make any new friends? Flip through your local yellow pages and invite some random-ass people. Maybe you’ll find a carpenter or the dog catcher. Either way, be sure to have enough mashed potatoes to feed all of your guests regardless of whether you know their name or not.            

5.) Make It “Saving Private Ryan” Themed:
As far as themed Friendsgiving go, “Saving Private Ryan” themed Friendsgiving are arguably the best, but also arguably the worst. It’s a really subjective matter.

4.) Eat Food, But First Make Sure the Food Tastes Good:
Friendsgiving can get pretty dicey without food, especially bad food, thus a perfect way to spice up any crewz’ night of giving thanks would be to eat food that both tastes good, and is good for you. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and you’re gonna need a healthy mind for that healthy scrabble game later!

3.) Have a Scrabble Game Later:
Right now you’re not really feelin’ it, but later you might be down. You’re still digesting the good food and trying to cool your mouth down from all the spice, so maybe later if more people want to then you’re game, but as of now you just wanna chill’ and take a moke.

2.) Give Away 5 of the 10 Random People:
The night’s almost over, so it’s pickin’ time. Simply line up your 10 random strangers, and choose the 5 that pleased you the most. The other five are to be given to children in need.

1.) Get Stoked:
A versatile and useful celebration, getting stoked is everything your parents told you it would be and then some. I get stoked all the time: yesterday, today, and Christmas.

That’s how The Black Sheep celebrates Indian Genocide Day, and we hope you will also use one or more of these 7 techniques to to truly spice up your special friendship day. Spic3!


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