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Top 8 Sexiest UCSB Alumni

Since the school’s founding, many absolute cutie patooties have attended UCSB and called IV home. From Cheadle Hall to Campus Point to DP, there are pretty people just about everywhere at this school, and apparently there always have been. We took a look through the history books and found the 8 sexiest people to ever attend UCSB. Here they are for your stalkery pleasure:

8.) Peidong Yang:

Chinese-American chemist and UCSB alum Peidong Yang has been making science sexy since his birth in 1971. He just edges out Gwyneth Paltrow for the #8 spot on this list.

7.) Katy Tur:

NBC News correspondent Katy Tur is hotter than microwaveable taquitos. She’s hotter than your tongue after you touch it to your stove. She’s hotter than your mom and your dad combined. And she went to UCSB. 

6) Jose M. Hernandez:What’s hotter than an astronaut? A sexy astronaut. That’s what. Jose Hernandez is a sexy astronaut and he went to UCSB. He’s a really sexy astronaut. Sexy.

5.) Jerry Trainor:

Remember this beefcake? Apparently iCarly’s big brother a.k.a. Crazy Steve went to UCSB back in the 90s. A quirky sense of humor and eyebrows that look like they must have been painted on by Michelangelo himself earn Jerbear the #5 spot on our list.

4.) Lois Capps:

Who could have guessed that the US Representative from California’s 24th congressional district was a Gaucho once upon a time? With a smile that has only become sweeter with every passing year, there was no way Representative Capps was getting left off this list.

3.) Steve Aoki:With the flowing locks of an East Asian princess and the beard of a guy whose testosterone levels are just right, Steve Aoki is the obvious choice for third most attractive UCSB alum. He’s even cuter when he’s covered in cake 😉

2.) Barbara Rush:

Even just the sight of Class of 1948 alum Barbara Rush has always been enough to get ya’ juices flowin’. Known for her roles in some old movies, Barbara Rush is still alive. It is a truly difficult task to come up with a single more distinguished or beautiful Gaucho from any time period. 

1.) Jack Johnson:

What Johnson may lack in terms of generic beauty, he makes up for with the sound of his voice, the elegance of his movements, and the strength of his fingers. The “Banana Pancakes” singer is The Black Sheep’s unanimous selection for UCSB’s sexiest alum of all time.

Honorable Mentions: Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Young, Jenna Lee, Charissa Thompson, Michael Douglas, Jim Rome, Harvey Levin 

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