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The 2017 Westwood Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round


You voted (or didn’t because you don’t care about voter turnout) and we’ve got the results. The voting was close for both the “Quick and Cheap” and “Fancy-Schmancy” divisions, but we’ve got two winners. In-N-Out ousted Fat Sal’s by 30 votes while 800 Degrees pulled ahead and defeated BJ’s by 10. Now we have some 2-seeds battling it out for Westwood’s top restaurant and, you guessed it, we need YOUR vote.


Will you choose In-N-Out, an iconic symbol of all that is glorious in the great state of California, as Westwood’s champion? It’s certainly hard to deny an always-satisfying and artery-clogging meal for under $8, especially after you stumble in after a night of body shots. Us Californians love burgers and fries and, unless they decide to a pull a Villanova, it looks like In-N-Out is a heavy favorite to reign supreme over all eateries in Westwood.


Or will you choose the underdog, 800 degrees? It’s hard to deny the quality and low cost of this pizza – two important qualities of food that college students love. We think 800 degrees has a good chance of fulfilling the Cinderella story and upsetting the giant that is In-N-Out. It’s the good ol’ fight between pizza and burgers… and it’s poised to be a good one. If March Madness has taught us anything, it’s that even the most unlikely competitors can shock us all, and we believe 800 degrees can pull off the upset.



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