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6 Big Improvements UCLA Needs in 2017

With the New Year approaching, students at UCLA were invited to submit ideas for how to improve UCLA in 2017. The response was overwhelming, but there were certain improvements that kept being mentioned. The Black Sheep has compiled six of the most requested changes, all of which are designed to make UCLA a better place.

6.) A set of earplugs provided at New Student Orientation:

The transition to college life can be difficult, especially for students who aren’t used to living with a large group of people. The New Student Orientation provides incoming freshmen with a variety of helpful items, but many students feel that there is one essential item that could be added. With a good set of earplugs, students wouldn’t be subjected  to their roommates’ harmonized snores at 3 a.m., wishing they were back in their bedroom at home. They wouldn’t have to hear their neighbors getting drunk at 7 p.m. on a Tuesday. And they certainly wouldn’t have to listen to loud techno remixes of hit country songs, courtesy of the person showering in the stall next to them.  

5.) Free skateboarding lessons:

Several suggestions indicated that students are willing to use skateboards, but don’t feel confident enough to do so. No one wants to fall flat on their face in front of dozens of people on Bruin Walk. The provision of free skateboarding lessons would help students overcome this fear. Some ambitious students have already volunteered to conduct these lessons. Although their actual skateboarding skills are questionable, they argue that their experience working in UCLA Dining Services has taught them how to weave through large crowds and avoid colliding with people.

4.) Fresh coffee at Young Hall:

Teenagers and young adults have the impressive ability to fall asleep at any time of the day. To combat this, students suggested that UCLA provide free coffee before all lectures. For some reason, most suggestions named CS50 at Young Hall as the place that absolutely needed this improvement. Perhaps the seats there are too comfortable, or the professors who lecture there have unusually soothing voices. To simplify the process, coffee could be provided through IV drips. This way, students could receive a constant supply of caffeine throughout the duration of the lecture, which would keep them awake all day and hopefully all night.

3.) Priority meal plans:

Most UCLA students know the feeling of standing in line at Covel for what seems like an eternity, just to get some french fries. After a long day of walking, classes, and more walking, this is the last thing anyone wants to be faced with. Enter the priority meal plan, where students would be allowed to jump to the front of any line. Although this would be more expensive than even 19P, many students felt that it would be worth the price. The death glares from the people who have to wait in line may cause some to feel guilty, but who can really stay sad with a fresh batch of french fries?

2.) A fancy and formal dining hall:

Why stop at priority meal plans when it comes to improving the UCLA dining experience? A large number of students feel that the current dining halls are simply not suitable for special occasions. It’s hard to impress your date by bringing him or her to De Neve for cheeseburgers. It’s even harder to justify how much your parents are spending on college fees when you bring them to Bruin Plate for a meal that looks like it was intended to feed rabbits. The addition of a formal dining hall would be the solution. Students suggested employing a waiting staff, having candles on every table, and hiring a live orchestra to provide the full fine-dining experience.  

1.) Escalators everywhere:

The most popular suggestion among UCLA students may also be the most unrealistic. Building an escalator alongside every set of stairs on campus would undoubtedly cost a fortune. But unrealistic is not necessarily the same as impossible, or at least that’s what hundreds of students told themselves when they submitted this idea. If by some miracle this idea did get implemented, everyone would save time and energy, the death stairs outside Cafe 1919 would become a relic of the past, and no one would have to hear their friends complain about how hard it is living in Hedrick Hall.

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