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7 Underrated Reasons to Ditch Class At UCLA Today

We’ve all been there – looking for reasons to ditch class at UCLA and instead, well, do something else. If you’ve been having this intrinsic battle, here are some surefire reminders that will keep you from making that long trek across campus to engage in some educational torture: 

7.) But… It’s Bruincasted:
Say no more. It’s basically like going so class without having to leave the comfort of your room. This is why we pay tuition????

6.) Donald Trump is President:
The new “Thanks Obama.” Don’t want to do something? Blame it on the fact that Donald Trump is president and you’ve become disillusioned with “the system.” At UCLA, it’ll work every time, especially with what Trump did today (whenever this article is read, he’ll probably have done something). 

5.) I’m hungover:
Who would dare drink the night before they have class? That’s right, any UCLA student. No need to say more, we feel you. Drink some PediaSure, eat a greasy burger from De Neve and take a nap, you champ.

4.) I live in Hedrick:
Might just be the best excuse to not go to class. Stairs? Forget about it, just ditch class. Better yet, drop out!

3.) It’s raining:
Water falling from the sky, you say? Why would you even bother inconveniencing yourself? Sounds like a nap is in order, if you ask us. Be like a normal person and wait ‘til the sun’s out. Or just get the notes from your NorCal friend.

2.) But it’s such a nice day!!!:
We live in California and, yes, nice days are aplenty. Who wants to be stuck in Haines 39 for an hour while it’s 78 and sunny outside? Call up an Uber and head to the beach in Santa Monica. We won’t judge.

1.) Your professor might be a sex offender:
Yes, we’re aware some professors at UCLA have sexual assault allegations against them. Do you really want to go and hear an alleged serial sex offender spew whatever bullshit their class is about for an hour? Of course not. Stay in your dorm and watch some Netflix instead.

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