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UCLA Student Buys Expensive Textbooks, Resells for $3 in Attempt to Make Friends

The start of the winter quarter at UCLA is like a fresh beginning. Students can enroll in new classes, try out different clubs, and find volunteer opportunities. With these options, it certainly seems like anyone can meet people and make friends. However, one student felt that these options were not enough, so he devised a more unique approach.

Roger David, a second year chemistry major, has bought multiple copies of every textbook needed for the classes offered during winter quarter. He is now selling them to students at a significantly lower price.

“It’s pretty simple,” Roger explains, “During the winter break, students spend tons of money on Christmas presents and New Year’s Eve parties. They’re going to be reluctant to spend even more on textbooks from the UCLA Bookstore or Amazon. So, I provide a much cheaper option.”

According to Roger, becoming a textbook tycoon has been the best decision for his social life. “More people have talked to me these past couple of weeks than in my entire first year!”

Roger has indeed become a well-known figure on the UCLA campus. Students hand him lists of textbooks they need instead of flyers on Bruin Walk. He gets offered meal swipes several times a week, which he finds useful since he has 14P but also likes to eat breakfast. The UCLA Free & For Sale Facebook page even changed their cover photo to Roger’s face, with the words “Our Hero” written across the bottom.

Students have also been vocal in their support of Roger. Amir, a third year Political Science major, calls Roger “the Batman of UCLA.”

“Not all heroes wear capes,” says Amir. “In fact, I think we should replace the Bruin statue with a Roger statue. What has that bear ever done for us, anyway?”

Christina, a second year Psychology major, has similar suggestions. “The UCLA Bookstore should be selling Roger t-shirts, sweaters, caps, you name it. Lots of people I know would buy that stuff, and maybe that would make up for all the textbooks they can’t sell anymore.”

However, some students have managed to find problems with Roger’s unorthodox actions. “To buy from Roger, you have to go to his dorm,” Valerie, who lives in an apartment on Gayley Avenue. “This wouldn’t be so bad if he lived in De Neve or something, but this guy lives in Hedrick Summit. I’d rather pay the full price for my textbooks than walk up that stupid hill again.”

A few students even found Roger’s behavior strange. “He tries to have conversations with his customers,” an anonymous student argues. “What’s up with that? I just want my textbooks, man.”

Despite these contrasting opinions, it’s safe to say that Roger David has become a part of UCLA history. But does he want others following in his footsteps, creating an environment where students never have to worry about expensive textbooks? “Definitely not,” Roger says resolutely. “This was my idea, and I plan to do this every quarter. Other people need to find their own thing.”

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