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The 2017 UConn Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2



Last week we collected hundreds of votes for our first round. In the end, only four came out on top. Round one had us on the edge of our seats, with a few blowouts and a few underdogs coming out on top.


Voting ends at 5 p.m. on Friday, again, so get your votes on who should be featured in the final round next week!



The Pizza Division:


4.) Blaze:
Blaze Pizza made for quite the upset over the #1 seed Domino’s. Blaze won by less than 100 votes but evidently the drunken people love it. While staff here put it at a 4-seed for its lack of delivery service and early hours a kind troll on buy or sell let us know that on nickel night Blaze is open until 2am. So if you live within distance of blaze or feel like Ubering 4 times a night than this is the place for you!


2.) Sgt. Pep’s:
Good ole’ Sergeant Peperoni’s came in as a #2 seed and rightfully beat out Ted’s by almost double the votes. This will likely be a tight match between Sgt. Pep’s and Blaze. Sgt.Pep’s providing many drunk food options outside the pizza area to feed all your friends, as well as providing delivery service. However, Blaze is coming in hot with the creative liberty you can take on your pie.


The “Other” Division:


1.) D.P. Dough:
As the #1 seed should do, D.P. Dough beat out #4 seed Insomnia (mostly because this isn’t a munchies bracket). D.P. Dough is a safe haven for many UConn students as it is walkable distance from The Oaks and some dorms in south campus as well as having delivery. Their calzones are a crispy crust with a delicious cheesy inside to your liking.


3.) Wings Over:
While Wings Over Storrs was the #3 seed, our #2 seed, Wally’s, was placed biasedly as our staff here at The Black Sheep may or may not have a sexual attraction towards puds. WOS absolutely crushed Wally’s and its’ none of your business whether we cried or not.



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