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UConn Drunk Food Bracket 2017: Round 1


If you’re like most normal UConn Students, you like smashing brews, sports, and eating. Since we at The Black Sheep are passionate about these three things as well, we’ve decided to combine all them into the ultimate event: The 2017 Storrs Drunk Food Bracket.


Over the next 3 weeks, The Black Sheep will be releasing this poll to get your votes on which Storrs drunk food spot is the best. There can only be one winner in the end and we need your votes to help decide.



Definitely Pizza Division


1.) Dominos:
As much as people love to shit on Domino’s you can’t deny that they offer a quality product at an affordable price. Domino’s is open until 3am on the weekend and offers delicious seasoned crust


4.) Blaze:
This place is tough to capture in a few sentences. The main reason people love this place is because you can customize your pizza to your liking, not to mention they are the perfect size to serve one person (if you can’t finish a blaze pizza alone you stop reading now). Only downfall to this place is that is doesn’t deliver (rude) and it closes at 12, so you night owls that are stumbling back to your apartment at 2am, this simply isn’t an option for you.



More Than Pizza Division


2.) Sgt. Pep’s:
Sure Sgt. Pepperoni’s has dope ass pizza but they offer more than the za. Sgt.Pep’s also offers up a pretty mean calzone, which may or may not just be a pizza folded in half, but also some hearty grinders and wraps. They also have some solid snacks for the light weights out there that don’t eat four meals a day; Mozz sticks, mac & cheese bites, and chicken fingers should fulfill your needs


3.) Ted’s:
There are many reasons to worship Ted’s as the main deity of your religion. One of the biggest is probably their barbeque chicken and onion ring pizza. If you’ve never had it order it right f-ing now, and if you’re a vegetarian, goodbye. The appeal of Ted’s is that you could order food while you’re plastered amidst a round of beavers


Indefinable Division:


1.) D.P. Dough:
D.P. Dough is most students’ go-to for a good calzone. Everybody has their favorites, whether it be the buffer zone, mac daddy, spinner zone, or making up your on concoction. So sure calzones are just a loaf of bread stuffed with meet and cheese, but drunk you wants to end the night with meet your mouth, and D.P. Dough is the best way to get this accomplished.


4.) Insomnia:
Who doesn’t love the warm deliciousness of a cookie after safely returning your domicile after a night of drinking? Insomnia fulfills your drunken sweet tooth with a beautiful array of cookie option. They take orders and deliver until 3am which the premium option for you savages that are out drinking til the wee hours of the morning. The only choice left to be made is 6-pack or 12-pack?


Has Chicken Division:


2.) Wally’s:
Wally’s genuinely is an establishment centered around chicken; fried, delicious, diabetes inducing chicken. While fried chicken is great, Wally’s has some great potato items; puds are time balls of potato goodness that are seasoned by Jesus himself, and their fries are some for the books. Wally’s is great if you want to grab food post nickel and skip that delivery fee along with your Uber.


3.) Wing’s Over:
Chicken wings are delicious. Wings Over Storrs has good chicken wings. Everyone in your party can get their fix with various BBQ, Buffalo, and Teryaki flavors, combined with fries or even better; waffle fries! If you consider yourself saucy then WOS is the place for you.



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WATCH: We made Malort cupcakes. They are bad.


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