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A Beginner’s Guide to UConn Tailgating

The arrival of fall semester means two things: coming back to school extremely unprepared for the amount of work you have to do and tailgate szn!!! Whether or not you’re an avid fan of football (especially with our team), there’s no denying the atmosphere found on Saturday mornings on the lots of the Rent. Everyone knows the basic necessities of tailgating, but as Huskies, there are special things we need to remember to have.

5.) Champagne:
When you’re waking up at 7 a.m. to start drinking by 7:03 a.m., sometimes hard liquor is a little hard on the body, especially if you’re already hungover from last night’s mix of Natty, jungle juice, and whatever was in the random pitcher the pledges were offering. The perfect solution? Pop that bubbly and crack open your favorite orange juice and make some early morning mimosas.

Wanna kill two birds with one stone? Sam’s is only footsteps away from Storrs Wine and Spirits 2, where you can get your champagne and oj for like $15. Not only will you feel classy sipping champagne on the bus ride over, but it’s a surefire way to build the buzz before you get loaded on the hard liquor.

4.) An everything bagel:
And if you’re gonna start downing alcohol at 7 in the a.m., you better have something to soak it up. Otherwise you’ll be a shot in and suddenly the lightweight of your high school days, writhing on the floor and texting your PE teacher. Considering the bagels at the d-halls taste like cardboard covered in a light layer of cream cheese, and Dunkin’ bagels are only a step up from that, Bruegger’s is your best bet (they open at 7 a.m. on Saturdays!!!). As long as it stops you from passing out on top of an elevated surface 15 minutes into the tailgate, you’re fine.

3.) Tailgate attire:
Half the fun of the tailgates is documenting how hard we go on Insta and snap, and you definitely don’t want to be caught looking dusty and lacking school spirit! For the men, it’s pretty simple, throw on any kind of jersey or a shirt that says UConn on it and you’re all set. As for the females, tailgate szn is becoming a competition, with all sorts of lace ups, cut outs and ties being added to the shirts. Bring your A-game because your Instagram depends on it!

2.) A DD who’s not you:
Listen, there’s nothing worse than being at the tailgate, surrounded by people drinking every kind of alc under the sun and being stuck as the DD for you and your friends because y’all figured it’d be easier just to drive there. DO. NOT. DO. IT. There are so many other options.

For the non-existent fee of FREE.99, you can take the UConn shuttle and be surrounded by 40 or so plastered strangers who are sure to get you hyped for the game. If you’re a srat/frat star, chances are your organization will arrange a shuttle to get everyone there and back safely. And if you have no other options and have money like that, Uber. Do anything, but don’t be the sucker stuck driving while everyone but you gets to actually tailgate. Oh, and please don’t be the asshole who drinks and drives, especially not the 45 minutes from Hartford to Storrs.

1.) Leave early:
After a rough morning of day-drinking, the tailgate comes to an end just as the football game is getting ready to start and you know what that means — letting the promise of warm dining hall pancakes and bacon give you the energy to get your drunk ass on one of the buses ready to leave post-tailgate. Let’s be honest, the only thing more miserable than sitting in those empty stands is sitting there while watching our team lose. Especially without the fiery gaze of Bobby D to warm our loins. We can only hope that this year will be THE year the Huskies suck less. The miraculous win against Holy Cross says helllll yeah (maybe).

Now that Saturday’s game is a dub (s/o hurricane Irma), there’s no excuse not to be ready. Make sure to mark your calendars and clear your weekends for the four tailgating dates we have left: October 6, 21, 28 and November 4. Hopefully there’s a reschedule and we can add one more date to the list (cross your heart and pray to our lord and savior Susan). Maybe the team will come out on top this year. When that doesn’t happen, at least we’ll reign supreme as tailgate kings and queens.

Need something to fill the football hole on Saturday? Try out our podcast, it’s like PMT, but worse!

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