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The 5 Most Instagrammable UConn Tailgate Outfits for Homecoming Weekend

With homecoming right around the corner, it’s time to willingly wake up at 6 a.m. after a night out, go park in a dirt lot at the Rent, and absolutely get trashed by 7. Saturdays at the Rent are a Husky tradition, or dare we say, a rite of passage. Why not waste some of this valuable energy on getting a super cool, but super basic outfit ready for the tailgate? Shine bright with all the fellow basics, boys and girls, and get your tailgate outfits together now so you can rake in the Insta likes later.

5.) Husky lace-up girl:

What started as a Pinterest board soon blew up and became the primary staples of the basic tailgate outfit. Etsy shops and artsy Instagrammers all over the country are currently funding their nights out by snipping and sewing any and all college shirts to create the ~*perfect*~ lace up effect. Maybe the lace-up trend isn’t for you but you still want to show off your uh… assets. No need to worry because any sort of cut up v-neck works. Want to let the ladies breathe? Go for a deep v and hope your nipples decide not to play peek-a-boo. Want to trap your chest behind jail cells? Go for the mesh inserts.

4.) Unironic jean skirt from Brad Paisley last year:

Remember when these were all the rage in elementary school, except of course they were skorts then because you needed your trusty built-in shorts to make sure you didn’t flash your crush Danny your new HSM undies? Then they went from hot to not, and suddenly jean skirts were a worse fashion “don’t” than wearing less than 15 silly bandz on each arm. Low and behold, summer ‘17 came through and gave new life to these sad forgotten pieces of denim. With fall not really feeling like fall this year, these are a basic shoe-in for gameday outfits. We’d dare you to take a shot for every jean skirt you see at the tailgate, but we refuse to be held responsible for any deaths or Brad Paisley songs played. So maybe just take a drink for every girl not in a skirt.

3.) Walking Carhartt sponsor:

“Cool Carhartt overalls,” said absolutely no one ever. These kids likely grew up in the backwoods of Winsted or Barkhamsted, but just to make sure you can lean in and smell the bonfire essence emanating off from them as they chug their 18th Rolling Rock. Don’t mess with this people at tailgate unless you want to be sorely out-drunk and possibly end up wasted in the back of a 1994 Ford pickup with three similarly-looking cousins and of course, Brad Paisley cranking on the radio.

2.) ~Letters~:

There’s nothing wrong with reppin’ your org, we get it, sometimes it’s the easiest UConn-centered apparel to find. But it’s just becomes so funny to see all of the members of Sigma Apple Pi get off the same bus, all rocking the same polo or the same jersey, decorated with their letters. On top of that, as opposed to jumping around, they’re spending all 5 hours of the tailgate around their own tailgate area. How considerate of them to make sure we all know what org they belong too, as if the flag waving from the center of their tailgate wasn’t enough of a clue.

1.) Throwback jersey: 

Why wait until darty szn to pull out your totally original, never before seen Toon Squad jersey, when tailgate szn is raging and the sun is shining? Or maybe you want the world to know how big of a basketball fan are. Or maybe you don’t even like sports, but you have a desire to fit in so why not blow some cash on a few jerseys. Regardless of what kind you decide to go for, make sure the guns are on full display, you didn’t work for those gains to have them be hidden behind some sleeves.

Homecoming is among us and it’s time for (hopefully) the biggest and best tailgate of the year. Whether in rain (like last year) or shine, there’s no doubt that the student lot at the Rent will be packed. With the photographer always on the prowl, it’s time to shine in your basic tailgate outfits. Choose wisely. Party on huskies!

Do you JUUL at a tailgate? 


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