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A Philosophical Reading of “PJ Girls Sexy 18 Year Old Morgan Strips and Spreads Her Teen P***y Wide Open”

This morning,  a UConn professor sent out an email to his class featuring a link to a rather risqué site. As a philosophy professor, he urged the link below was full of “hints” towards the upcoming exam and recommended getting started on the “exercises” soon. So, we did. Here is our Philosophical and Logic Reading of “PJ Girls Sexy 18 Year Old Morgan Strips and Spreads Her Teen Pussy Wide Open.” See you in lecture!

“Morgan” herself right off that bat seems to represent the concept of pluralism, in that she is simultaneously 18 and 36 at the same time as the headline states. She has clearly experienced many determinist actions, such as the ones where her father left and then came back and started multiple are what led her to making this video

She rejects utilitarianism by buying pajamas for the purpose of stripping herself of them, when a utilitarian would be naked and clothe themselves prior to sleeping. Clearly she sees no utility in pajamas, however her next actions might prove to complicate the themes of this piece. 

Upon the spread of her butt cheeks, light shines in over her as if god is giving his approval. This no doubt mirrors the works of Aquinas, who argued that religiousness is based off of justice, courage, prudence, and temperance. Is “Morgan” demonstrating  these qualities in her grace as she plunges her finger in, her speed, her angle of thrust and her just overall attitude towards herself and no doubt her lord? Or is she motivated by a driving force? Perhaps the director of this film is following Immanuel Kant’s theories on self-governance and enlightenment, ie “the release from self-incurred tutelage.”

She then plays with the idea of taking off her bra and toys with the viewer, showing once and for all that Hobbes is correct and that in a bedroom state of nature man is cruel. Next the object of this film, Morgan, proceeds to pleasure herself in a very uninteresting manner for about ten minutes. Any way of trying to find meaning in it would be an absurdist approach, as obviously there would not be one to be found.

Morgan’s cam-girl aesthetic proves that man by himself is not as good as with another. The concept of ubuntu says that A person is a person through other people.” So why not a person in other people? Perhaps the perspective and cadence of this film is meant to force the viewer to scream Get a partner Morgan, and do stuff with them next time! But no one hears, because we are all truly alone in this world. 

The video ends causing an existentialist crisis in the viewer, namely one that makes you think “oh god did I really just spend 15 minutes watching that? I’m a philosophy professor for chrissake.”


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