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UMass’ 1st Annual Geek Week to Follow Greek Week


Geeks all across campus are gearing up for a spectacular week of activities over the coming days. Geek Week is slated to start Monday and fans everywhere are hopeful it can rival the success of its predecessor, Greek Week.

Everyone knows that Greek Week was a resounding victory for the jocks of UMass but now it’s time for the geeks to show their pride. Teams from all the residential areas except southwest have been elected and they have been gearing up for an exhibition of nerdy prowess.

Some pretty basic activities like cosplaying and larping will be the main show, but the council has mixed in some pretty interesting tasks that will be sure to turn some heads. The opening events will consist of four nerds racing to take apart and put together an iClicker while their fellow dweebs race from a computer science classroom to the Honors College wearing velcro Skechers.

The week will finish with a celebration at Worcester Dining Commons, where all participants will be forced to wear ill fitted cargo pants while talking loudly about playing World of Warcraft on their Alienware laptops.

Senior engineering major Arthur Van Geiger could hardly contain his excitement when asked about the events. He said “I am so ready for the entire week. For years, I had to bottle up some of geekiness but now I can finally display it in all of its glory. I don’t half ass this biznass either. There is no way I can lose. I hated Apple before it was cool.”

His buddy Augie Kramer added that he is “thrilled for the video game portion of the week” and that he has been “doing two hours of finger strengthening exercises over the past month.”

The dedication is clearly visible for these geeks and that same devotion is prevalent all over campus. As of right now, the favorite has to be Van Geiger and his Northeast nerds but these competitions have always been hard to predict. Geek Week will look to bring an influx of dorky intensity over the week and if properly executed, it will be an event to remember.

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