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Bartender of the Week: High Horse’s Mike


Name: Mike D.

Twitter Handle: Never done the stuff

Bar: High Horse

Relationship Status: Taken

Major: Master of ceremonies

Favorite Drink: Extra dirty Gibson, don’t even look at the vermouth

Favorite Shot: Whiskey

Disgusting Drink: Bud Light

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen while working at High Horse?:

To preface this story we don’t allow any racist costumes at the High Horse and typically have fun kicking out kids who think that’s funny. One Halloween this girl comes up to the bar and she is clearly dressed like a flapper, she’s got the frilly dress and this headband thing with sequins and a feather. The other bartender on with me comes up to me and says “dude do you see this shit? That’s fucked up. Should I say something?” I look at her and realize that he thinks she is dressed as a Native American. So I do the good thing and tell him he should probably call her out. Long story short he tells her she’s fucked up for wearing that, she tells him he’s an idiot, I intervene and we all do shots.

If you could only have either all the tips from High Horse or just the tip, which do you choose? Why?:

All the tips from the High Horse. Who wants to do just the tip anyway?

What’s something they don’t allow in High Horse and should?:

Coke…I mean the soda, love the stuff.

What’s something they do allow in High Horse and shouldn’t?:


What cold weather drink most warms the frozen cockles of your heart?:


What’s a little-known fact you know, that most people don’t?:

How much corn syrup is in most popular beers.

What conspiracy theory do you secretly hold to be true?:

Tupac is still alive.

What’s the most expensive drink you’ve ever drank?:

Honestly don’t remember, I drink fancy shit all the time.

Which hole in your body would you least regret losing? Why?:

Left Nostril.

How do you get to Pleasuretown?:


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

Because I’m in it.

Yeah, we all have D.A.D.S., just maybe not the kind you were thinking of:

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