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Berk to Host ‘Swipe Night’ for Leftover Matches from the Cardi B Contest

 The Cardi B Tinder Contest was a phenomenon that overtook fingers across the nation. Now that the contest is over and the University of Massachusetts Amherst has won, it’s been revealed that there have been some previously overlooked problems that the dining program is trying to solve. The main one is leftover matches.

While students were racking up finger blisters and playing right (lol) into Tinder’s marketing plans, matches were made. Tinder isn’t a cold game. When you match, it always works out in the form of a romantic dinner. Berkshire Dining Commons has stepped up to provide that.

Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises, Ken Toong, announced the news by posting his phone notes to Twitter, stating, “Lonely swipers across UMass look here! We are holding a Tinder match dinner for all who matched during the Cardi B concert contest. Swiping right is a commitment that cannot be forgotten now that we’ve won. Come meet your match or, well, you’re kind of a schmuck.”

Kind of a weird finish to the tweet, but whatever. Sounds like fun!

Freshamn Leo Hubbard had this to say about the arrangement: “Man! I cannot wait for this to happen. Yeah, I matched with like 40 fake accounts that said they only downloaded this for Cardi. But hey, they have to come now, right? Maybe something will finally shake out for me. Bartier Cardi in the rari!”

This dinner will certainly be an interesting event to watch unfold as many of the Tinder folk didn’t seem to expect them to be held hostage by their swipes. If everything goes as planned, they’ll have a sweet new date to bring to Cardi B’s pregnancy concert. 


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