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UNCC Shot or Dare: Hardcore Edition

Winter break has come to a close, and the spring semester has come to an open. You know what that means, right? Lots of hard studying, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour, of course… We’re just kidding. It means getting totally plastered with your pals, and avoiding responsibility at all costs. Now if you’re anything like us professional drinkers here at The Black Sheep, you need a new game once in a while to spice up your drinking sessions.

Well, take a lookie-loo here, boozehounds. We have just the alcoholic activity known as Shot or Dare that’ll add all shades of excitement to a boring evening. Now you may be thinking: “I’ve played this before. This article is lame. I’m stupid. Der-derp-dee-derp-derp-derrr.” Now, those thoughts may all be true, but you clearly haven’t played the hardcore edition of this drinking game, yet. Read on if you want to get EXTREME! (-ly drunk).


  • Hard liquor for the shots (Booze optional. Vodka, bourbon, jello scotch, turpentine. Whatever.)
  • Various household items for dares
  • Access to the grounds of UNC Charlotte


Just like truth or dare, but with shots instead of truth. Each contestant chooses their fate each round. Contestants will be disqualified if they vomit, pass out, or are unable to complete a dare. Since this is the hardcore edition, we play by Highlander rules, and that is: “There can be only one!”


Purely suggestions. This is to just make sure that there are no pussy dares like “give Rebecca a smooch”, or “do the hokey-pokey.” Gotta keep this game hardcore!

  • Submerge head in bucket of ice water for 20 seconds
  • Hold hand a minimum of 6 inches above an active stovetop for 30 seconds
  • Put rubbing alcohol on your hand and light it on fire
  • Take off your underwear without removing your pants
  • Run a nude lap around the freshman village
  • Order 15 large pizza’s to an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s apartment (if you haven’t already)
  • Peel an orange with no hands
  • Have sex with Norm, and never call him after
  • Take a punch to the face from a contestant of your choosing
  • Impersonate Michael Keaton for the remainder of the game
  • Take a punch to the armpit from a contestant of your choosing
  • Write a heartfelt letter to your grandmother (in a hardcore way though)
  • Do a fat line of Pixy Stix powder
  • Teabag/Clam tap the prospector statue
  • Tag “Greek Life sux Greek nutz” on all of the Greek Village houses
  • Put your shoes on your hands, and walk around on your hands while singing the theme to Family Matters by blowing raspberries.

Be sure to play this game safely. Keep the hospital on speed dial, and keep the mutha f*cking drinks flowing! Don’t forget to remind your friends that want to pass on the game that having work due on syllabus week is definitely a myth. Happy spring semester, you mighty mining Niners!

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