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Recipe for Friendsgiving: Dorm-Style Thanksgiving at UNCC


Thanksgiving is approaching quickly, which means food, family, and fun away from classes for many college students. However, not everyone can make it home for the holidays, and are forced to stay on campus because they have nowhere else to go. Luckily, having a Thanksgiving dinner in your dorm amongst your friends isn’t as hard as you might think! With a bit of preparation you and your hallmates can have a dinner fit for the pilgrims.


Problem: “But I’m in a dorm, how can I prepare a meal?”


Solution: Hit up Harris Teeter on University City Blvd or local fast food joints!





Every good Thanksgiving dinner has a turkey, and why should this time be any different? All dorms have a kitchen located somewhere in the building, so get to cooking! The mold and outdated technology might put you off in pre-renovated dorms like Phase IV or the High Rises, but you should just be thankful for what you have and that you don’t go to ECU.


Want to enjoy a great dinner, but you can’t cook? No worries! Harris Teeter provides many easy-to-make boxed items, like stuffing and pie, which you can use instead of that home-cooked garbage your mother’s always peddling. In fact, if you really wanted to you could just have a turkey as the main course and have the rest of the meal consist of potato chips and other cheap items you see at the grocery store. Who’s going to be around to judge you, anyway? To really make it a Niner feast, add some pickaxe shaped goodies like rice krispy treats to the mix.


If you’re without a kitchen, or lazier than going to the grocery store, head to a local Bojangles (note: not the one on campus) or a KFC. They sell fully cooked, fried turkeys on Thanksgiving Day! The package is a little offsetting, but at least you’re not eating at Crown! 



Problem: “My friends and I are feeling down about not being with our families on Thanksgiving — being on campus isn’t like going home.”


Solution: Alcohol! 


Italian Youths Shop, Socialize And Party


What’s a Thanksgiving dinner without alcohol? Grab some beers for you and your buddies to really get the party rolling. Feeling crafty? Make yourself a cornucopia to really put the “tradition” in traditional. And if you’re not all that good at crafts, once you’re sufficiently drunk it won’t really matter how good the cornucopia looks as long as you tried.


Friends can definitely be your family-away-from-family, so alcohol is the perfect way to get at least one person angry enough to piss everyone else off. A couple beers later, suddenly your whole little college family is arguing — ahhh, it’s beginning to feel just like home.



Problem: “I’m not my mom- how do I keep everyone entertained during the day?


Solution: Is this a question? Football. Always football.



Now, you’ve got your food and you’ve got your drinks. What’s missing here? Football, of course! With games like the undefeated Panthers playing against the struggling Cowboys, this year’s Thanksgiving football games are sure to be fairly underwhelming indeed. Still, who doesn’t like to watch grown men throw a ball while drunkenly shoving food into their gullet?



Problem: “Something’s still missing…”


Solution: Of course! Take a nap and sober up for Black Friday.



Football games eventually come to a close and by now, you should be feeling thankful, so it’s time to diminish that strange emotion and head out to your range of shops in Charlotte. With your friends by your side, you can fight the crowds together- nothing brings your family together like mutual hatred for the mass public (note: the Walmart on North Tryon). It’s also a good thing Black Friday starts on Thursday now, so carpooling and gathering your forces won’t be a problem for you!


As you can see, there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t have a great time this Thanksgiving. In fact, people staying in the dorms over the holidays probably have it better. Who wants to go home only to be constantly pressed about grades, future career plans, and relationship status while staying relatively sober around your family, when you could (worry about all the latter crap anyways and) have the perfect friendsgiving right on campus? Happy Friendsgiving, Niner Nation!


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