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Reviewing the UNCC Student Union Movies No One is Going to See

As the semester begins to wind down, and final exams start to wind up, you’re going to need to find a mindless, free activity to distract yourself from all that studying you should be doing. Why not go to the movies in the Student Union? It can’t get any more mindless and free than that. We here at The Black Sheep don’t commonly judge movies, but when we do, we do it by the poster. So grab some popcorn, and push off your responsibilities for just a little while longer, and go see the gritty indie film about addiction, struggle, and acceptance in Pete’s Dragon, or the jaunty, toe-tapping musical The Magnificent Seven showing this week in the Student Union theatre from December 1-4.

Pete’s Dragon


If you thought Pete’s Dragon was a whimsical tale about a boy, and his dragon flying around and doing dragon things that annoy Robert Redford, you clearly don’t know shit about movies. Pete’s Dragon is actually a forlorn tale of a man named Pete trying to overcome his addiction to heroin with the help of his friend The Dragon, who just so happens to be an actual dragon.

Amateur indie director David Lowery stated that the inclusion of the 10 ton green mythical beast, played by renowned character actor John Goodman, was to represent how Pete is constantly “chasing the dragon.”

Also, the fact that dragons are totally f*cking sweet. The damages of heroin addiction have never been portrayed in such an emotionally gripping way since films such as Trainspotting, Requiem for a Dream, and Finding Nemo. If you’re looking for a gritty, in-your-face drama that depicts the struggles of real life, then Pete’s Dragon is the movie for you.


The Magnificent Seven:


If you like westerns, musicals, or Denzel Washington in a fake mustache then go see this film now. Never before has there been such a well-crafted musical put to screen with such an astounding star studded cast. Set in the Old West, this film depicts a traveling musical troupe known as “The Magnificent Seven” who roam from town to town solving conflicts with the power of song and dance.

Avid movie lovers may recognize some of the big names in the cast such as Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Haley Bennett, a baked potato, Cher, and Ethan Hawke. You wouldn’t think that these actors would have any musical talent whatsoever, but prepare to be surprised. The performances in this film makes Les Miserables look like a kindergarten recital. Apart from the amazing score of the movie, the plot is pristinely executed as well. It will have you on the edge of your seat as The Magnificent Seven dance their way across the desert plains of America in the pursuit of justice for a town that was wronged by a gang of tap dancing bandits.

Viewers can also expect a touching romantic subplot between Ethan Hawke, and his horse. Our highest praises go out to Mr. Hawke for his duet with the horse in the song “You’re a Horse, and I’m a man, They Will Never Understand.” There wasn’t a single dry eye in the audience after that song. This movie can’t be described as anything but magnificent. So, if you like feel-good western musicals, then The Magnificent Seven is the film for you.  

Thanks to the Student Union you can tune out of responsibilities and tune in to these gripping, emotional movies alone in the new theater that’s probably on the second floor (?). So check these out, and send us your reviews of these movies on Twitter at @BlackSheep_UNCC!      

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