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5 Things Freshmen Will Never Ever Know about VCU

Changes—some better, some bad—are part of the college experience, but with every change, there are things that are bound to be left in the dust, forever forgotten by mankind unless enshrined somewhere on the internet. Here are the top 5 things to making sure you don’t forget how hard we had it at VCU. We’re talking to you, freshmen:  

5.) Ugly Student ID’s:
Since the beginning of time students at VCU have been cursed with having terrible looking ID’s. The fonts were hard to look at, the colors were faded and ugly, and the formatting you don’t even want to know about the formatting. All of this changed for the Class of 2021, as they were blessed to have the sleekest and fleek-est (fleekest?) IDs in the history of VCU.

4.) Construction Next to MCALC:
MCALC is one of the nicest newest buildings to grace us with it’s presence on the VCU campus. But, if you had any classes there last year, you were faced with the unpleasant experience of having to walk through the dust and dirt flying into the air from the construction that never seemed to end. Got a drink? You had better put a lid on that unless you wanted to risk getting debris in your Kool-Aid. Now, it has become to be one of the nicest areas on campus.

3.) Disappointing Opening of Freshii:
If you were on campus last year, then you were super excited for the newest dining option in the student commons. Because, though Taco Bell and Chic-Fil-A are delicious, you’re tired of spending hours on the toilet afterwards. To our disappointment, it wasn’t nearly as luxurious as we thought it would be. Reports of bugs being found in bowls, rats in wraps, and plenty of other alliterations confirmed that this place was disgusting. Despite the ultimate letdown, including the bugs and the slow service, there wasn’t anything wrong with this place, but it is in need of a facelift.

2.) Old Monroe Park:
Now, incoming freshman may someday get to learn the pleasantries that involve Monroe Park, especially those who are in Johnson Hall and Brant & Rhodes. But, it will never have the same, charm that it used to have. The fresh air and open fields that were placed in the middle of big ol’ Richmond was the perfect getaway from the hustle, bustle, and bikers. Old Monroe Park was not only the best way to get to the business side of campus, where the food is so much better, but was also a nice little area to just chill out and buy drugs (if you were into that). Unfortunately, it’s been under construction since Donald Trump was elected president and probably won’t end until he gets the hell out of office.

1.) No F***ing DuoMobile:
Imagine: a world without stress, without hatred, where pain has never existed and God walked amongst humans. This is a world without DuoMobile. DuoMobile was added into the process of signing yourself into Blackboard for the 2017-2018 school year. It’s supposed to be a nice way to stay safer, and to keep yourself more protected when signing in. In theory, it’s a good idea, but all it is is a stressful add on to your already stressful life.

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