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Cuffing Season: Where to Find Someone Cuff-able at VCU


It’s cuffing season at VCU, and as the fall semester rapidly comes to an end, single students are running out of time to find that special someone. Tinder and parties are popular ways to meet people but few of those encounters result in a lasting relationship. To help out those lonely rams who are seeking some affection this holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of the best places on campus to find a mate that fits your needs.


5.) Cabell Library:
As you study for finals in the library the person who can fill your void of loneliness may be right behind you. Everyone is stressed and everyone is working hard so why not try to find someone who you can share that experience with. Take a study break to walk round the library and find someone who is working on the same class as you or working on a class you’ve already taken. Offer some assistance and maybe even to study together. Most people are desperate for help during the struggle of finals and you might just be the savior someone’s looking for.


4.) Walmart on Campus:
During the middle of the day the line in the Walmart on campus is incredibly long  and it moves agonizingly slowly. Instead of spending 20 minutes in silence while waiting to buy a dozen eggs, strike up a conversation with those around you. The person standing right in front of you could be the one you’ve been looking for and you can tell a lot about a person by what they’re willing to wait in line for.


3.) The School of Medicine:
For those of you feeling particularly desperate this cuffing season,  simply wait outside the School of Medicine for an eligible bachelor to emerge. We highly recommend pursuing someone who looks, confident and put together and is wearing a graduation gown. These are all signs of a successful med student and a bright future. However,  would like to warn our reads,  Med students are often drowning in debt and it may be more efficient to simply go to the hospital and get yourself a doctor. Age is only a number.


2.) Shafer Dining Hall:
We are all struggling college students and no one can afford to be in a relationship with someone that has high expectations or good taste. Shafer dining hall is the place to go to find that special someone who will eat anything. If Shafer food is the way to a person’s heart that’s an affordable way to find love.


1.) On the Compass:
An important part of dating is finding someone with similar interests. For those individuals who are extremely passionate about a specific issue there is always someone who shares that passion and is yelling about it on the compass. The compass is a great place yell about issues and meet the activist of your dreams.



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