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Top 10 Reasons Why VCU is Better Than U of R

All Rams know VCU is the best university in Richmond (possibly even in Virginia) but there is another Richmond university that has to be reminded who really runs RVA. The University of Richmond likes to pretend they are the better but we only need to mention our basketball team to prove that wrong. However, to further prove why VCU is better than U of R, we have compiled a list of 10 reason why the spiders are far inferior to the rams.

10.) Spiders Are Gross:
Bugs in general are not popular animals, but spiders are the worst. A ram is a much better mascot and who doesn’t love Rodney? Rams have furry soft wool and strong fierce horns, while spiders and small and have eight gross legs.

9.) VCU is Cheaper:
We believe most students will agree cost is a significant factor to consider when choosing what school to go to. In state or out of state VCU is cheaper than U of R and anything that is better for your wallet is better for you.

8.) We Don’t Need Football:
Our basketball team has proven its superiority many times and football is just too main stream for VCU. Almost every Virginia university has a football team, we don’t want to be like the other schools. 

7.) VCU is Bigger:
Not saying size matters… but it kind of does, and everyone knows bigger is better.

6.) Our Location is Better:
We are in the heart of Richmond, while U of R is practically in Henrico. VCU students can easily access Cary St, Bell Isle, Hollywood Cemetery and other Richmond hotspots that U of R students only read about on Yelp.

5.) MCV Hospital:
Our hospital is rated on the of best in Virginia and is the primary source of health care of Richmond residents.  U of R has to come to us for healthcare but you won’t catch us coming to them for anything.

4.) More Inclusive:
Often a criticism of VCU is that it is easy to get into, but that is because we want to give everyone a chance. Just because it’s easy to get into VCU doesn’t mean it’s easy to stay in VCU. We are a school of diversity and opportunity, and we believe it’s important to give as many people as possible the chance to peruse that.  

3.) VCU Arts:
Enough said. The VCU School of the Arts is one of the best public art schools in the country. Catch us out side, U of R, how bout da?

2.) We Are a Public School:
Just like in high school, private school kids tend to be stuck up and lame. Us public school kids are down to earth, and we’re as real as the streets, even though we didn’t come from the streets.

1.) The Black Sheep:
The University of Richmond is missing many things but one of the most important is a presence of  The Black Sheep.  If you’re still not convinced VCU is better than U of R that fact alone should make it clear

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