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Top 10 VCU Hammock Hanging Spots This Fall

Autumn is officially here and everyone at VCU is eager to break out their favorite sweaters and relax in the cool fall breeze. With the leaves changing colors and the nights getting colder there is no better place to be than Richmond in the fall. A recent trend among VCU students has been putting hammocks up to relax in because chairs and benches are just too mainstream. To facilitate that hipster drive and ambition we pride ourselves on, we have compiled a list of the top ten VCU hammock hanging spots on campus.

10.) In Cabell Library:
The library is quiet, calm and peaceful which makes it the perfect place to set a hammock and nap.  It is not unusual for hammock dweller to rent a room in the library for the sole purpose of having a place to nap in their hammock. Often student’s rooms are too cluttered and small to set up a hammock but the study rooms in the library make the perfect space.

9.) The Campus Connector:
Only the most advanced hammock homesteaders can master the art of putting a hammock up on a bus, but it is an extremely satisfying experience for those who do. The soothing motions of the bus will put anyone to sleep in the comfort of their nylon cradle. The difficult part though is leaving enough room for people to sit underneath the hammock.

8.) The Commons:
People watching a popular pastime and the commons is a prime spot for people watching. Set up your hammock on the first or second floor so you have a good view of the main area and observe the phenomena that is the VCU student body. Your hammock will provide a safe barrier from passersby but also allow you to people watch in comfort.

7.) The elevators in Brandt Hall:
These elevators are the largest elevators on campus and can provide an exciting ride for any hammock pioneer. The confused and surprised looks from people getting on the elevator also provide a source of entertainment. However, we recommend that people not do this on a full stomach. The motion of the elevator has been known to cause some hammock dwellers to puke and in a few unfortunate cases, they were not alone in the elevator.

6.) Classrooms:
Having trouble getting to class on time? Sleeping too late or your afternoon nap running too long?  If you are one of the many people struggling to get to class on time because you just can’t motivate to leave your bed, just bring your bed to class. Set up your hammock in the back of a class room and let the professor’s lecture wake you up. This is a great way for students to make it to class while also getting the sleep they need.

5.) Bowe street parking deck:
All art students can relate to the struggle of being in the studio late at night and working on a project. Especially for those AFO students in the Bowe Street parking deck, the struggle of late nights and sleeping in the classroom is real. The most prepared AFO students have their hammocks ready for those nights they are stuck at Bowe street drawing cardboard till the sun comes up. A hammock can provide a comfortable seat or place to nap for any art student in need. Some students even like to stay in their hammocks during critiques so even though their work is being criticized they are still physically above their peers.

4.) Shafer Dining Hall:
Instead of swiping at Shafer multiple times a day simply swipe once and stay in your hammock until you’re hungry again. During the day Shafer is fairly quiet and is a great place to study. It also offers quality people watching with a view of people inside the dining hall as well as outside on the compass. Enjoy some questionable Shafer lobster tail in your hammock while watching your fellow rams carry out their day doing the strange things they do.

3.) The Cary Street gym:
Finding an available machine at the gym can be difficult an instead of waiting around for a machine to open up set up your hammock and wait in comfort. All the machines make allow for you to put up for hammock pretty much anywhere.  The hammock can also be incorporated into your workout routine. By holding onto the hammock and twisting your body so the hammock spins engages your core and can provide an excellent warm up while you wait for a stair stepper to become available. 

2.) Panda Express:
Panda Express is a great place for someone who hates waiting in line to set up a hammock. Set it up in the back and wait for five o’clock. You’ll be the first person in line to swipe for that orange chicken and you’ll also have a reserved seat.

1.) Between the Ram horns:
The ram horns are a symbol of VCU pride and there is no better way to celebrate that than setting up a hammock in between them. They are the perfect distance away from each other and they allow for a great view of any events going on in front of the horns.

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