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VCU Daddy Of The Week: Ahmad

Welcome back, lovers and haters, to The Black Sheep’s weekly column, Daddy of the Week! Today, we shine our spotlight on a humble individual known as Ahmad. His vibrant personality definitely shines through in his iconic answers. Check him out! Peep the wrist, jaunt’s icy!!

Name: Ahmad Magdeldin Nagar
Snapchat: ahmadnagar
Year: Sophomore
Major: Finance
Relationship Status: Solo dolo!
Fraternity: Lambda Iotta Tau
Boxers or Briefs?: Briefs for sure, only Ralph Lauren. 

What’s better for a girl to have? Ass or as(s)pirations? Why?

“It all depends, if I’m taking her seriously, then aspirations for sure. I can’t talk to bums…but if it’s just a 2 a.m. late night thing, then ass over personality. It really all depends on the Henny intake.” Ahh, Henny. Opens up an evil third eye leading to potential regret. Consume with caution if you’re in your feelings.

What’s the most “dad” thing you’ve ever done?:
“I cried at my best friends first football game in high school yelling “That’s my boy!” They’re still bro’s for life!

What’s the best way to clean up an oil spill in your 3 car garage?
“First of all, I have a 12 car garage…*21 21* but I would just hire someone to do it… I don’t know? How big is the spill?” What a father, always needing to know logistics of any situation. *facepalm*

What do you look for in a girl?
“She’s gotta be funny, making me laugh is a must. She’s also gotta be ready to roast me back. She should be open minded (wink), nice eyes, dress well. And hoes.” Wow, what a diverse range of interests.

What’s your favorite way to “turn up” ?
“Well, first, I pregame with a blender bottle filled with gold Four Loko and a scoop of pre-workout, just to get my ears tingling. Then I’ll either shotgun beers, or drink Burnett’s cause I’m broke. It’s all about efficiency: what can get you the most fucked up, for the lowest price. Or there’s always LSD.” Again, what a diverse range of activities! This man is quite open minded, ladies 😉

What’s a pet name you would give your D and why?
“Pet names emasculate the penis, I need something diesel like “Bench Press,” or something like, “Ooo! Hit Her with the Bench Press!” Bench Press…diggin’ it…potential first born son name?

What is one thing a girl could do that is a deal breaker for you?
“Be controlling, I can’t change myself for someone else.” Hear that? R-E-S-P-E-C-T this young man and his heart. *Aretha voice*

What makes your frat special?
“As president, security, and lit-ness manager of LIT, I am welcoming to all people as long as you’re a good time and drama free. I accept all genders, races, and sexualities. As long as you’re a good time you’re welcome at LIT.” How caring and accepting he is!

How do you show your kids you’re a “cool dad” when you’re in public with them?
“First thing’s first. I’m in the whip and that old “March Madness” by Future comes on. I pull up and hop out, and tell the kids about how we used to sip lean and pop Percocets, and then I hit my fire dance.” Sound’s like a lit dad! Dirty soda in the styrofoam at age 40+ is the ultimate goal one would argue.

Why do you deserve the title of Daddy of the Week?
“Well, I’m handsome as f*ck, thats 90% of it. I’m also very humble, and at the age of 19 I have even more ability to grow as a daddy so I’m an investment. Once my beard connects it’s all over. Remember the name, Ahmad.” You heard it here first ladies! You better snag this mans while you still can!

Why should people read The Black Sheep?
“It gives a nice insight to aspects of VCU that we may not know about. If the Commonwealth Times is Discovery Channel, The Black Sheep is like Vice. Y’all get less PG.”



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