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VCU Daddy of the Week: Brian


Welcome back to The Black Sheep VCU’s second edition of Daddy of the Week! This week, we sat down with Brian from Lambda Chi, who was nominated to be the next daddy on Facebook. Learn more about this handsome devil below!


Name: Brian Thomas Eads
Snapchat: jizzz_kalifa
Year: Junior
Major: Homeland Security and Political Science
Relationship Status: Sangle
Fraternity: Lambda Chi


Boxers or Briefs?: “Like 90% of the time boxers, but when I’m feeling fancy I’ll throw on the calvys, you know, the going out briefs.”


What do you notice first? Eyes or ass? Why?:
“Depends on what direction I’m coming from I guess!”

What’s the most “dad” thing you’ve ever done?:
“I have to get on my little all the time about his grades so I’ll tell him to go home and study and stuff, I feel like such a dad. But shout out Haas!”



What year of high school did you peak?
“Well, I’d like to think I didn’t peak in high school, but I guess senior year.”

If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things what would they be?
Being the father that he is, he had a lot of questions about the island. “Where is it? Is it tropical? Am I alone? Can I bring a boat, I don’t know? Am I in it for the long haul? Whats going on?” Nevermind….*facepalm* what a dad move.

What is a pet name you would give your D? Why?:
After some thought, he decided it would be “Young Savage” because “it be trappin so hard.” Quality cringe dad humor Bri!

What is the best thing to say to your kids to embarrass them at little league games?
“That’s not my son!” DAMN! Savage!


Would you rather slap the bag or slap the booty? Why?
“I personally would slap the bag. I’m getting something out of that, ya know, being drunk. I don’t wanna slap a random ass and catch a charge, unless it’s a consenting ass…but then again the bag can’t not consent so it’s always safe.”
The man has a fair point.


How does the word moist make you feel?
“I feel nothing.”


What’s the worst place on campus to have sex? Why?:
“I’d say the 4th floor of the library, it’s definitely possible but I don’t know if it’s worth the risk. I just know I’d get caught.” If you or someone you know has successfully had sex on the 4th floor of the library, comment “xD” under the article!


What does your Tinder bio say?:
“Can I look at it?” He pulls his phone out, shuffles a bit, then says “solid 5 with a good filter, great for date functions hmu.” You heard the man!


Do you fold or wad your toilet paper?:
“Do people wad their toilet paper? Is that a thing? Fold. It seems savage to put it in a bunch.”


What do you think of baby talk in bed?:
“How bad is she? Some girls could get away with anything, but generally 10/10 would not be down.”

Who would you rather walk in on you having sex, Dwayne Johnson? Or Barack Obama? Why?:
“Barack Obama, not everyone can say the former president saw them having sex.”


Why do you think you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?:
“My nickname last semester was daddy because I’m the pledge educator and the pledge daddy, people kinda caught onto it and just call me daddy beads now.”


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
“For your articles of course!” Aww, what a charmer. I am so flattered. I am blushing.


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