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5 Pieces of Required Reading for Any and All Incoming VT Freshmen

Don’t you miss when you were a kid and you’d go to the library over the summer and they’d have those lists of books that they’d recommend for you to read? Yeah, of course you don’t. However, if you’re getting ready to label yourself as a Hokie, you’d better be prepared to live like one. This means that if you aren’t living, breathing, and oozing orange and maroon, you aren’t trying hard enough. Luckily for you, there’s a way to make sure you are. All you have to do is follow yet another reading list, but trust us, you’ll actually like this one:

5.) Blacksburg Menus:
Hokie House, Benny’s, Gobble Cakes. Reading the menus and reviews of these classic Blacksburg eateries before you go to them will make it easier for you to get a sense of what to expect. And the sooner you get comfortable with the restaurants near campus, the sooner you’ll feel more settled in. So channel your inner Dora the Explorer and map your way around downtown Blacksburg ASAP.

4.) Hokie Expressions:
No matter how many people you meet going into Tech, you’re going to want to be friends with the right ones. Because of this, you should learn to read the facial expressions of the people around you when you tell them something outlandish about yourself, like how you’re finally ready to pursue your dream of finger-painting corgis wearing tutus on the Drillfield. Some will never talk to you again. But it’s worth finding those friends who will offer you their paintbrushes.

3.) A Compass:
Hiking is a staple of life at Tech. Now is the time to embark upon the ultimate hiking challenge, starting with the Cascades, then McAfee Knob, and finally ending with Dragon’s Tooth. Once you go through all three, you can officially call yourself a hiking god. Just think: slay the Dragon and you’ll be able to have bragging rights forever.

2.) VT-tagged Insta Captions:
You’re going to want to take selfies in front of Burruss, the Pylons, Lane Stadium, and so on. However, that means you’re going to have to come up with plenty of smart captions for when you decide to Instagram them, which is exhausting. That’s why you should creep to see what other people have captioned their pictures and make mental notes of it. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery (and no one has to know).

1.) Loose Bricks:
There’s always something on campus that’s being renovated, which means that there is construction going on at every corner. This gives you the perfect opportunity to try to steal your own piece of Hokie Stone, as is a classic VT rule of tradition. Go hunting around classroom buildings (Derring Hall is always promising) and you’re bound to find some. 

To really call yourself a Hokie, you have no choice but to adapt to Blacksburg. While that may seem as intimidating as being the person who walks the Met Ball red carpet right after Rihanna does, it’s not as bad when you have something like this to help you out. You got this, future Hokie.

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