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6 Photos That Make You Say, ‘That’s Not A Banana Republic Model – That’s President Sands!”

 Timothy Sands, President Sands, VTSandsman, Jack Kennedy on crack – these are just a few of the monikers given to our beloved president of Virginia Tech. We love him for his innovative campus expansion plans and his optimistic acceptance of freshmen, but what we really love him for is his inability to take a terrible picture. There isn’t a single piece of photographic evidence where even the slightest hair on Sand’s forehead is out of place. Trust us. We scoured the internet to find an ugly picture of President Sands, but all we found were these six photos that had us saying, “That’s not a Banana Republic model – that’s President Sands!”

6.) “Well hello there! I didn’t prepare for guests!”

Not sure who’s more caught off guard – us or the gods of unflattering photography.

5.) The smolder:

9-1-1, this is a code red. We repeat a code red. Yes, we have a fire in our loins.

4.) Bad boy power pose:

President Sands or a mysteriously handsome and notably pale boy who keeps to himself and may or may not be a vampire? Why not both?

3.) The power couple:

What’s hotter than a Ph.D? How about two Ph.Ds?! We’re screaming at the matching corsage and boutonniere of our President and First Lady Sands.

2.) Seductively smart casual:

When they tell you the dress code is relaxed, so you opt for your favorite designer sport jacket and complementary purple tie. We know that blindingly crisp shirt was no accident, Timothy.

1.) Tall, educated and handsome:

A romantically lit library piled high with books filled with sophisticated vocabularies that you could never understand- good thing there’s an insanely handsome and fiercely intelligent man posing nonchalantly near the padded chairs who’s always ready to lend a hand.

Brains, beauty, and a banging first lady – President Sands is one blessed man. We looked up the definition of ‘insanely photogenic’ and was redirected to President Sands’ own wiki page, which is more than we can say for Frank Beamer, who bears a slight resemblance to a plush blobfish in certain lights:

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