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7 Thoughts All Dogs Have on the Drillfield

If there’s any hot spot for dogs on Virginia Tech’s campus, it’s the Drillfield — a wide-open plain perfect for spinning and frolicking Sound of Music style. It certainly sounds like doggie heaven on earth. But what exactly stirs inside of the canine mind when they come across this paradise? Here are 7 thoughts all dogs have while on the Drillfield.

7.) Who Invited the Humans?:
There are so many pathways with people walking all over them to get to and from class. Walking through Drillfield to get from Point A to Point B annoys any and all dogs who assume you’re on their turf. Ruh roh, Raggy.

6.) Why Won’t Those Guys Throw Frisbees at Us?:
The Ultimate Frisbee team plays on the Drillfield all the time, which makes the dogs nearby wonder why they aren’t invited to play along. Don’t be surprised if you see a golden retriever retrieving a Frisbee mid-practice and running off with it like a gold digger running off with your wallet.

5.) The Cold Displeases Me.:
Blacksburg winters are no joke, and when the snow comes out, dogs get pissed. How are they supposed to roll around in the grass if it’s covered in ice and slush? What good is the Drillfield in the winter if it just causes them to stay cooped up inside like cats? It’s impawssible to comprehend.

4.) Squirrels Don’t Run from Us?????:
Most people at Tech have encountered the squirrels that allow you to get surprisingly close to them before calmly shuffling elsewhere. Chasing after squirrels is a pupular way for a dog to spend an afternoon. But just like your ex, once the chase is out of the equation, they’re just not as interested.

3.) I Smell Chick-fil-A…:
Who could mistake that decadent chicken mini smell, that spicy chicken fragrance, or that beautiful nugget aroma? Because the Chick-fil-A inside of Hokie Grill is so close to the Drillfield, the powerful nose of a dog should have no problem picking up the scents. If you think your cravings are bad, just wait until you see a mad Yorkshire terrier scurrying past your feet to get to the waffle fries. Hold on tightly to those leashes.

2.) Who Let the Dogs Out?:
There goes that rotten Pomeranian that’s always peeing on the tree that clearly belongs to one of the RLC’s German shepherds! Because there are so many dogs running about, things will always get a little intense when it comes to claiming territory. Dogs have it ruff out here.

1.) I Love a Pup in Uniform.:
Service dogs are the hunks and hotties of the dog world. It’s a fact. If you look closely, you can see other dogs drooling over the sight of them. The way those service dogs strut is like a scene straight out of Baywatch for their admirers, and that chocolate lab over there is their Zac Efron.

Whether they’re sniffing the butts of other pups or trying to run away with tree branches in their mouths, the life for a dog on the Drillfield is always an adventure. When looking at if from their perspective, it makes sense as to why they love it so much. It’s a dog’s world and we’re all just living in it.

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