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The 7 Worst Things You’ll See on I-81


Most people that go to Virginia Tech have their actual hometowns a long drive away from campus. Whether you’re from NOVA or Virginia Beach, you have quite the long ride on I-81 ahead of you. With that being said, here are the 7 worst things you’ll see on I-81.


7.) Stupid Trucks:
If they’re not almost driving you off the road, they’re driving slower than your grandma — they’re rude, obnoxious and shouldn’t exist. Just the sight of a Swift truck is enough to ruin one’s mood, and one can’t help but feel like Taylor Swift is to blame.


6.) Cowering Cows:
You’ll likely lose track of how many cows you’ll see during your time on 81, with fields and farms often swarming both sides of the highway. The farms aren’t particularly annoying, but if you’re driving in the rain (which will definitely happen because it’s Virginia), you’ll feel horrible looking at the cows stuck in the middle of the storm. Your heart will pang and your drive will be much more depressing.


5.) Traffic Troubles:
Sometimes, you’ll see traffic that stretches longer than the eye can see, and it’s especially unbearable when it happens towards the end of your drive. You want nothing more than to finally get your hands on a slice of Benny’s pizza in Blacksburg, yet you’re stuck staring for ages at a “Hillary for Prison” bumper sticker on the car in front of you.


4.) Untrustworthy Cars:
You’ll often see cars with bikes or mattresses strapped on their roofs and it’s bound to make you a little bit nervous. You’ll dread getting stuck behind them and swear if said bike or mattress magically flings off and hits your car that you’ll be as pissed as the girls from White Chicks about to throw a “B.F.”


3.) Drivers Driving You Crazy:
If you’re in the left lane, you’ll absolutely see insane drivers that expect you to drive faster despite the fact that you’re going faster than that time you raced to Starbucks ten minutes before their happy hour for Frappuccino’s ended. You’ve probably been flipped off at least five times by these guys. On the other hand, in the right lane you might explode from dealing with the drivers that go ten under the speed limit. There’s no winning.


2.) Fast Food Frustrations:
You already promised yourself that you wouldn’t stop for food, but the constant signs that point to nearby McDonald’s restaurants are annoyingly tempting. It makes your stomach grumble the whole ride and any fellow passengers will have to suffer your “hangry” attitude. Stay strong, friends.


1.) Views of Boredom:
There’s nothing but trees, and it’s up to you to keep yourself entertained so that you can keep your mind occupied in order to ignore how sore your butt is from sitting down so long. It’s nothing short of terrible.


I-81 is a hurdle that most will have to deal with throughout their time at VT, and there’s no denying the fact that you’ll see obnoxious things during your drives on it. You’ll travel long miles just to call yourself a Hokie, and if that isn’t dedication, then we don’t know what is.


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