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A Thoughtful Critique of Desk Graffiti Around Campus


Despite Virginia Tech’s reputation as an engineering school, many of the students here are also under-appreciated artists. This can best be seen by all of the wonderful desk graffiti that graces your classrooms each and everyday. These little wonders serve as testaments to past boredoms, sparks of creativity, and acts of defacement. We searched far and wide from McBryde to Randolph and all the way to Goodwin for the best graffiti. Here is a selection of the aesthetically pleasing artwork:





These two beautiful syllables would surely woo anyone regardless of the amount of alcohol they have consumed. The poetic verse is a surefire way to attract your crush, and the mystery of the writing adds to the sexiness. The subtle hint of fellatio against a white wooden background adds character that one probably could not express verbally. If you want to see a mark of past lovers head on over to Randolph hall and try to find it.





Ah yes, the good ole dick plane. What person can resist images of phallic imagery mixed with the wonders of aviation? The artist also makes sure to draw the eye to their wonderful batman symbol they have sketched out. Batman and the dick plane can be found in McBryde 248.






For all you Pokemon fans out there, this one is for you. Snorlax ,a  classic piece of VT desk graffiti. The artist clearly spent hours on this one developing all of the key characteristics of the famous fat Pokemon. If you want to make the trip to see this great piece of art, then you will have to travel again to McBryde 248.





This next piece is an interesting one. Whether one or multiple artists worked on this piece is unknown, but what is known is that it is a fantastic piece in the desk graffiti collection. It depicts a very well done storm trooper and a star destroyer with a smiley face. Other notable drawings in this piece are the puppy paw print, the random triangle, and weird smiley face. Although this piece may be a little eclectic, it certainly holds up. Look for this one in Torgerson on the first floor.






Our last piece is one of the more random assortments of drawings in our collection. The first thing we see is the jet plane with a caption above the tail saying “sad existence.” While this is depressing, you can see a comet passing over as well as a random 54 and squiggle. While we don’t understand the deep, complex emotional message the artist or artists were trying to achieve, we still appreciate the art. To find this jewel look around Randolph 220.


Graffiti on, lil artists. 




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