Blacksburg Bartender of the Week: Rivermill’s Kasey

author-pic at Virginia Tech  

Name: Kasey
Bar: Rivermill
Relationship Status: Married
Major: Philosophy
Favorite Drink: Sour beer
Favorite Shot: Really good tequila
Disgusting Drink: Cement Mixer

What would you make for someone stuck in Blacksburg for spring break?:
I would just tell them to come here and drink all of our beer

What do you think is most different between bartending at Rivermill and bartending in Cancun?:
The weather, and we get college kids all year round while they only get them for a week?

Which is the best drinking game for spring break? Why?:
Beer pong, easy, cheap

If you got arrested on spring break, what would you want it to be for?:
Stealing a beer truck

How many beers do you need in ya before you’re peein’ the pool?:
Hmmm let’s go with six

Would you rather hook up with 2 5’s on spring break, or 1 10?:
2 5s, you aren’t going to find a 10 on spring break

What’s the least it would cost to flash your stuff?:
A couple hundred bucks at least

Which type of shark best represents your sex life? Why?:
The great white, because I’m aggressive all the time

What’s the worst thing ever to happen to you at the beach?
It was at night and I was drunk talking to a friend, and I woke up realizing I had gotten attacked by beach flies.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?
To get great drinking advice


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