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Blacksburg Wind Blows Student to Top of Slusher Tower


As the year progresses in Blacksburg, many students have noticed and felt the changes in weather. As winter turns into spring the most notable transition hasn’t been the gorgeous weather, but the increased amount of wind. As if crossing the drill field wasn’t harsh enough, Blacksburg’s surge of windiness has left many students blown away, and in some cases, lost. In an unusual turn of events, one student was blown so violently that she ended up on the top of Slusher Tower.


The student is believed to be junior economics major Mary Park. Park was crossing the drill field when all of a sudden, a gust of wind blew her twelve stories up to the top of the tower.
Since she’s been stuck on top of the highest point in Blacksburg, the student has tried to call a friend to send for help, but was unable to reach due to her cellular plane. Next she tried yelling, but her words were quickly lost in the gale force winds atop the tower. Even when she threw a few lost Frisbees and rocks, no one was able to see or hear her. Finally, the student convinced that this was her new life now, decided she had to throw a message in her Nalgene bottle.

The contents contained inside the Virginia Tech sticker covered included: a Live Strong bracelet, some cash for a tip–if found, a hat with sorority letters, a Fitbit and a message reading, “Blown to top of Slusher Tower by Blacksburg wind, please send Chicken Parm/and or help. – Mary.”

While a rescue effort is currently under way, Mary has kept busy stressing about all of her missed classes, and has managed to eat what little snacks she had left in her backpack. Park has been atop the tower for three days now, leading many to question why Virginia Tech has not been able to get her. Some speculate they don’t have the right resources and are waiting for a crane to arrive from Charlotte. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Mary, especially on this rainy day.




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