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Blacksburg Booze Review: El Rod’s Best Margaritas


Most Hokies dream of the day that they turn 21 and can go downtown with their friends to some of Blacksburg’s most famous bars. Whether it’s grabbing a beer at the Rivermill or a rail at TOTS, downtown has a wide variety of drinks to choose from. However, out of all the places for Hokies to get their drink on, El Rod’s may just be one of the best. The popular Mexican restaurant is famous for its delicious margaritas–something The Black Sheep decided to investigate.







“Blimey! You can’t dis this citrus!”

This refreshing citrus mixture is a great start to any bar crawl or drinking outing. The powerful lime is followed by a rum after taste, allowing you to get fucked up pretty quickly. Its slushy like content makes you wish that 7-11 offered them, that or Ownes dining hall. The only negative of this drink is that its unique sophistication might come off as snobby, or like a UVA student. Overall the Limrita was a solid choice and if ordered will not disappoint.  9/10.



Miami Vice:



“Tastes like what a beautiful woman’s hair should smell like.”


Want to feel like your down in South Beach? Look no further than the aptly named Miami Vice. With strong tastes of strawberries and crème, the Miami Vice is like a strawberry shortcake in a glass. While there is a fair amount of alcohol in this red concoction, you won’t taste it because of all the strawberries. The crème can sit in your stomach like a warm Guinness on a summer day, but overall a solid drink of choice. 7/10.



Texas Margarita:



“Everything’s drunker in Texas!”


 Saddle up partner because you’re in for a hell of a ride. A tart, citrus flavor combined with enough alcohol to make you feel like you just rode a mechanical bull, this powerful margaritas is a must have when you go to El Rods. When you drink the Texas Margarita there is a noticeable kick to it, as if your drink put on spurs and said giddy on up. Despite being from Texas, this drink is great for all, from cowboys to Hokies. 9/10. 


Whatever marg you choose, it’s guaranteed to be a winner at El Rods. 


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