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Campus Cookies Food Truck Rolls Into Blacksburg


One of the most frequently asked questions a Campus Cookies delivery driver gets is, “Do you have any extra cookies?” The answer to this is a resounding no, they do not carry around extras. Each item at Campus Cookies is made to order, not premade. But now, to combat this annoyance, Campus Cookies Blacksburg is unveiling its first ever food truck on the Virginia Tech campus.


“We think a mobile store is the next step for our business,” Campus Cookies owner Scott Black told The Black Sheep. “It’ll come equipped with everything you would find inside our regular store, but have the unique ability to reach people we couldn’t before.”


By this, Black means the drunk students who would praise God at the sight of the Campus Cookies truck at the end of their long adventure downtown.


“We want to accumulate the downtown crowd into our customer base. A lot of the time they are just waiting outside on Main Street, and we know they would love a warm cookie after being kicked out of TOTS,” Campus Cookies Blacksburg manager Kara Bean said.


The food truck will make its debut this spring and is expected to do very well in the downtown Blacksburg area. It will also take some weight off of the regular delivery drivers, which will allow them to stop being harassed by drunk people and maybe make it home from work before 3 a.m.


“I am thrilled about this truck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to sell random people on the street cookies. It’ll be a great way for the company to make more money, and maybe make the store a little less busy on the weekends, which is great since I’m normally at work until after 3 a.m.,” Campus Cookies driver Tatum Drew said.


Keep an eye out for the Campus Cookies food truck come this spring, and remember, it WILL carry around extra cookies!


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