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7 iClicker Questions Hokies Would Actually Know the Answer To


Whoever came up with the idea of using iClickers in lecture classes, especially to mark attendance, is single-handedly responsible for several thousand tears that have streaked the faces of Hokies just trying to survive these lectures without frying their brains. Sometimes iClicker questions can be so frustrating that you probably wonder about the kinds of questions you wish you’d get asked about, like:


7.) Is the service pup in your lecture class a good boy?
We all know that the service dog in your lecture distracts you from the material you’re supposed to be learning half of the time. And all service dogs are good boys—it’s science. So this is a no-brainer.


6.) Did you go to the Qdoba this week?
The helpful thing about this question is that it either forces you to evaluate your burrito bowl addiction or it just reminds you that it’s past time for you to have a burrito bowl anyway. It’s a question that can actually apply to your real life.


5.) How likely is it that you won’t find a place to sit at Hokie Grill in the morning?
There’s only one answer to this one: very, very, very likely. And if you don’t know that, then there’s no possible way that you go here. Finding a free table there is just as annoying as forgetting your iClicker for the class you need to use it in.


4.) Should these iClicker questions affect your grade?
If you answer “yes” to this, you should probably have your sanity checked. The frustrating part about having these questions in the first place is if you show up to class, answer them to the best of your ability, and then get them wrong, you have to painfully watch your grade suffer precious points because of it.


3.) What type of shoes are seen most often on campus?
You can’t go more than five minutes without seeing a pair of white Converse. They go with every outfit, so it makes sense, but there’s no denying the fact that they’re everywhere. This is a question that’s guaranteed to have a 100% success rate.


2.) What’s the worst dorm building at Tech?
If you didn’t already suffer the pain of living in Slusher Hall, then you’ve definitely heard of it. Say quick prayers for those struggling through it now and cross your fingers for future Slusher renovations.


1.) What’s a Hokie?
The answer to this has been ingrained into all of our minds, and if you don’t immediately click “I am” in response, then you might as well pack your bags and transfer to UVA for your lack of spirit.


The next time you get a question wrong in class, remind yourself of these questions that you’d definitely ace anyway. iClicker questions may be among the biggest scams that you’ll experience in your undergrad education, but at least you can be assured that you’re not alone in using eenie-meenie-minie-mo to pick an answer.



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