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No Predicted Rain for Gobblerfest Leaves Students Baffled


Gobblerfest has always been notorious for being a show that has always gone on, rain or shine. In fact, the consistent rain for every Gobblerfest in recent years has led to students expecting the rain, as if it’s a classic way for the event to end annually. This year, however, rain has not yet made its presence known. It hasn’t rained in days, weeks, and even months.


Students that already have their umbrellas packed for Gobblerfest are now reluctantly debating on whether or not they should simply leave them at home at this point. The Virginia Tech campus is practically a desert these days, with the fall weather still at a far distance. The Drillfield grass is browning, the heat is intensely beating down on everyone, and students are crawling their way to dining halls for refreshments due to dehydration.


One sophomore student, Raine LaVur, has expressed that he is exceptionally upset about the current state of the weather. “A Gobblerfest without rain should be considered unlucky,” he said with a solemn look in his eyes. “Without the threat of a thunderstorm to drive students out of the event, there ends up being a great deal of substance lost from the experience.”


With decent weather comes a catastrophic result. A ferris wheel that doesn’t have to be closed down before the freshmen get a chance to ride it? Booths that don’t have to hide under tents for protection? Where is the Gobblerfest we all know and love and will it ever make its return?


The news of what will likely be the most frustrating event in Gobblerfest history has already created several disruptions around campus. Students sitting in Newman are stalking weather maps instead of studying. Instead of listening to music while walking in between classes, some are listening in to the news in hopes of hearing signs of precipitation. Greek life students across the board are distraught over the new Virginia Tech rain jackets they bought to take Instagram pictures of themselves with “The rain ain’t stoppin’ us!!” captions.


Some can’t eat. Some can’t sleep. The anticipation for Gobblerfest is hanging by a thread of hope for those who can only wish for a miracle. The non-religious are beginning to pray. The emotionless are starting to push back tears. Having to go to the event without it being rained out is something that most have not prepared for. How are they supposed to know when to leave? What’s the protocol going to be this time?


The adjustment will be odd for most of those who will be attending. Walking around without looking out for little droplets falling from the sky may feel like having to learn how to ride a bike all over again. However, we must persevere as Hokies and make the best of the situation. If the change is too difficult for you, bring your umbrella along anyway. Some people will give you strange looks, but most will feel your pain.




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