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PornHub Pop-Up Shop to Rival Aerie on the Drillfield Today


Aerie will have a pop-up shop on the Drillfield from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Monday, February 27th and Tuesday, February 28th. The shop will have all you need for spring break, and will feature talks from Aerie model Iskra Lawrence. While many are thrilled to shop the Aerie pop-up store, some men on campus feel the brands featured on campus, such as the pop-up shop and the Pink Tour in the fall semester, are too female-specific.  A VT fraternity has sponsored a rival pop-up shop across the Drillfield to be more inclusive of the population at Virginia Tech. Consequently, this Tuesday, from 4:30 p.m to 6:30 p.m., a PornHub pop-up shop will be installed directly across the Drillfield from the Aerie store.


“I just don’t think it’s fair that girls should be able to get all this free stuff on campus. There’s nothing for the guys,” said self-proclaimed meninist and Virginia Tech sophomore Chadd Bankerman. “They’ve had Victoria’s Secret and now Aerie, but it’s like, where’s the Vineyard Vines pop-up shop? I have needs too.”


Bankerman decided Tech needed something “for the men” and with the help of his fraternity, organized the PornHub pop-up shop. It will include dozens of used Playboy magazines from the 70s, those lotion infused Kleenex, and blow up doll with a voice box to answers questions.


“We’re so proud of setting this up. The girls got the Aerie booth to prepare for their spring break, and now the men can come here and stock up for theirs,” said Trent Stanwick, one of Bankerman’s fraternity brothers. “PornHub was unavailable when we called to speak with them, but we’re sure the CEO and execs would love the idea, so we decided to go ahead and display the name. They’re gonna be so stoked when they find out!”


Bankerman and Stanwick hopes to bring more pop-up shops to campus, such as stores selling fungi infested Sperry topsiders, winter cargo shorts, and that one navy blue shirt with the red Polo logo that literally every boy owns.



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