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Senior Only Goes to Spring Game to Throw Up “VT” Hand Sign, Won’t Admit It


Mary Pint was very excited for the Spring Game on Saturday, but her excitement had very little to do with the game itself.


A friend of hers revealed that she strongly believes the only reason Mary went was so that she could post a picture of her throwing up the “VT” sign on Instagram. She even chose her outfit about a month or two ago, and the entire ensemble.


“I don’t know,” Marissa Thatcher started, “she’s just been acting really weird and stuff. One night I walked by her room and heard her naming off a bunch of potential captions in her sleep.”


Marissa tried to confront Mary but says she just gets defensive and brushes the accusations off.


“She said she wanted to see how well the offensive line protects the quarterback or if the wide receivers are coming back to the ball. But it’s all BS.” Marissa cites the fact that Mary has posted herself flashing the “VT” sign in front of the TOTS flag at least four times, despite never having had an alcoholic beverage in her life, as solid proof. “I just want her to admit that she has a problem. For me, for herself… I’m just worried and want her to know that I’m here for her”.


We reached out to Mary and she sent us this text message:


“This type of slander is the reason Marissa is going to have a new roommate next year. I went to the game because of my Hokies, not because of the great natural lighting. My last Instragram post was me pretending to be artsy while eating a Dorito, and it got 565 likes. I don’t need to post a picture of me at the game, but I probably will now, just to spite her.”





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