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Six Things You Won’t Miss About Virginia Tech Over Break


It’s no secret that life at Virginia Tech is, to say the least, hard. From the windy walks across campus in the cold to the wretched lines in the dining halls, being a Hokie is just so hard sometimes.


Now that winter break is right around the corner, students can finally see the light at the end of finals week. Everyone is excited to go home and get away from these six things that no one will ever miss about Virginia Tech.


6.) The Food:
It is just so hard living a life where you have to stand in long lines every day to get your London broil, mashed potatoes, and corn bread, only then to have to wait in an even longer line to get your chocolate pie or cannoli. We know we’re excited to head home, enjoy one nice home cooked meal, and then survive off of cheerios and Poptarts for the rest of break.


5.) Football:
All this winning is just really taking a toll on us. Anyone else feel that way? Like how are we supposed to maintain our humility when we are always winning.


4.) Fall in Blacksburg:
Don’t you hate it when your entire school is filled with beautiful maroon and orange colored trees? It’s an overwhelming amount of school spirit and it’s exhausting. Calm down, nature.


3.) Downtown With Friends:
It’s safe to say that we would all prefer a weekend at home, sitting on the couch trying to watch Netflix while our parents are asking us what we want to do with our lives and when we’re planning on giving them some grandbabies than a Saturday night at TOTS with some of our closest friends.


2.) Coffee:
Having Deet’s, ABP times 3, DX, Starbucks times 3, Mill Mountain, Idego café, and Our Daily Bread all in such a small vicinity makes getting coffee a little too easy. Where is the challenge in that? Like how are we supposed to enjoy coffee anymore when we don’t have to fight for it?


1.) Being Within Walking Distance From Everything:
Doesn’t it suck that we don’t have the privilege of spending all our money on gas because we can just walk everywhere we need to go? I am just beyond ecstatic to have to spend all my money on gas. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.


Who am I kidding? Virginia Tech is incredible, and we will miss every part of it! Stay humble, Hokies, and happy holidays!!




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