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5 Things You Could’ve Bought Instead of That Clemson Ticket


One of the most anticipated games of the football season, the Clemson game, ended with an unfortunate Hokie loss. This is totally fine for those who can quickly brush off this experience as being “just a game.” However, for those who shelled out up to $200 dollars for a single ticket to this game, they’re probably wondering what else they could’ve used that money on…


5). 22 Rails from TOTS:
These bad boys are among some of the world’s greatest delicacies, and it’s an obvious shame to pass up the opportunity to indulge in them. They may be $9.00, but you only need to drink about 2 to start dancing the night away. So technically speaking, you could’ve had 11 straight weekends where you could’ve indulged on a Rail (and forgot about the Clemson loss).


4). A Chegg account:
You’re going to regret spending that money on that ticket the second you need help with your next homework assignment. You can blame the football players all you want, but this is entirely your fault. While you’re kicking yourself for it, just keep reminding yourself that Cs get degrees. Get a tattoo of it if you’re desperate enough.


3). Your time back:
Unless you would live, breathe, and die for football, you probably want your time back. Sure, night games are interesting experiences and your friends might’ve made it fun enough. But don’t trick yourself into thinking that your time couldn’t have been better spent catching up on sleep or deep diving into a pizza while watching every Ben Stiller movie ever made. We know you’re lying.



2). Endless Blacksburg TapHouse onion rings:
Many foods can make your heart swell, but few can make them sing in the way that these onion rings do. At $7.50 you can get a whopping 26 servings of them. And what makes you happier—losing football games or fried foods? They’re so crisp, so perfectly breaded, so indulgent, and so not yours right now.


1.) $200 towards changing our logo back:
You could’ve created a GoFundMe and been the first to donate towards changing the logo back to the old one. Just think, you would’ve inspired thousands of Hokies to use that $200 to make a difference in our community. We could’ve changed the future (even though we don’t invent it anymore).


It’s often said that money doesn’t buy happiness, and that experiences are worth more than material items. You sure can tell yourself that to make yourself feel better about spending so much on just one football ticket, but there’s a good chance that you regret that decision right about now. If it makes you feel better, we’re all suffering with you.





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