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Top 10 Things to Do Your Last Day in Blacksburg



So you’re graduating, huh? Then, you’re going to wake up sometime in the not-so-distant future and realize that you won’t be in Blacksburg again for a long time. But, you still have a million things to do on your last day. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few of our suggestions:


10.) Eat a Gyro at Soulvaki:
The gyro will not change your life, but it is very tasty. You must order a large gyro for this to count, not some boring hummus.


9.) Try to Eat Whole Pizza at Benny’s in an Hour:
If you’ve ever watched the Nathan’s Hog Dog Eating Challenge, then use that as inspiration for what you’re about to accomplish. Start your timer when you’ve taken that first bite and go at it with 100% effort, and don’t stop until you hate yourself. Disregard onlookers even if they start to cheer you on for being so awesome (note-can be done sober or drunk).


8.) Go to TOTS and Make a Complete Fool of Yourself:
You’ve probably been to TOTS at least once or twice, but your last time there should your most memorable. Dance like a person who just recently discovered what dancing was or ask for literally everyone’s number (just don’t be too belligerent).


7.) Go to the Lyric:
The Lyric, the undervalued treasure of downtown, is definitely a spot you should hit up. Don’t just go and see a normal film, though. See if they are showing some obscure French new wave or a German expressionist. Now’s the time to get cultured before you get old and have no patience for that shit.


6.) Go Hiking with Some Friends:
Hiking is a pretty common activity since campus is so close to hiking spots like the Cascade, McAfee, and Dragon’s Tooth. Make sure you go hiking one more time. Just try to not die, so maybe don’t choose Dragon’s Tooth. This should be your last hike in Blacksburg, not on the planet Earth.


5.) Go Tubing at the New River Junction:
Loads of people love going tubing, some don’t and would probably say “fuck that” if you asked them. You should do some tubing on your last day. It’s inexpensive and quite fun, you’ll definitely survive the rapids for sure.


4.) Go to BreakZone:
Have you ever stepped inside BreakZone? Well, go now before you only go into Squires to pee during alumni tailgates. You can bowl, play some pool, and make sure your friends know that you are great at everything.


3.) Streak the Drillfield:
Streaking, along with burning couches, is just something you should do before you get too old. Strip down and start running from one end of the Drillfield to the other. Be wary of the wind. Runner’s nipple is a bitch.


2.) Explore the Steam Tunnels:
Yes, the steam tunnels exist. And yes, you could possibly die if you go down there. You should still do it, though, for the Snapstory


1.) Yell “Let’s Go” at People All Around Campus:
We’re all Hokies, and have the special privilege of being able to yell “Let’s Go” without being asked “where” or being looked at like we are crazy. A response of “Hokies” is the only thing you’ll get around campus.

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