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Top 5 Moments From the VT vs. WVU Game on Sunday


Football’s back! The Hokies traveled up to DC to play West Virginia for the first time since October 1, 2005. That’s quite a long time ago, like the #1 song on the HOT 100 was “Gold Digger” long time ago. The Hokies came out with that W, which is very unlike the team that actually plays there, but not without causing fans to sweat *just* a little bit…. luckily the Hokies got their shit together and now we can reminisce on these top five moments of the game:


5.) The ~Chemistry~ Between Josh Jackson and Cam Phillips:


Like most freshmen, Josh Jackson came out a little rusty out of the gate, but senior Cam Phillips came sweeping in for that big catch and gave the Hokies first and goal at the 1. The play was the first big one of the day and gave us some major hope for the future. It’ll also let us know that the highlight of the game wasn’t just going to be Frank Beamer doing the coin toss.



4.) Trevon Hill’s 4 and 2 Interception to Stop WVU Deep in Hokie Territory:



WVU could have tied up the game with a field goal, but they decided to get damn greedy. Luckily, Trevon Hill stepped up and put them back in their places. The next time you try and brag about you’re amazing internship, just remember this. Better luck next time, bitches.



3.) Travon McMillian’s Game Winning Touchdown:



The Hokies finally looked like they were ready to put the game away. After a long Josh Jackson run, Travon McMillian carried a couple of defenders on his way to the tie-breaking TD. Keep this is mind in a few weeks when the weight of the semester starts to kick in, if McMillian can make it, we can too.



2.) When Josh Slye Missed that Fucking Short Field Goal AGAIN (which would have put us up by 10):



We’re not going to hate on the kicker because frankly, we can’t kick shit. That being said, we can’t pretend like we didn’t want to throw something at our TV after Slye missed that field goal, his second miss of the day, which would have iced the game.



1.) The last drive:



Yah, WVU drove all the way down the field and was a drop away from tying the game with two seconds left, but we knew that the Hokies were going to pull it out at the end. Our faith didn’t waver… at all. And guess what? The Hokies won, just like we knew they would.



See you 2021 WVU, hopefully your coach learns to keep his cool by then. And then maybe, you’ll finally be able to get us back for that 2005 loss after 16 years.




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