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5 Things to Do With Your Busted Bracket Since You Had Tech in the Championship


You thought Tech could make a run (Wisconsin you guys better win the whole damn thing, unless you didn’t personally choose them. In that case, we hope they don’t… but still kind of do). But since  your bracket is most definitely busted, you might think it is totally worthless. But it’s not! Here are some things you can do with that bracket.


5) Sacrifice Your Bracket In Order to Get Good Grades for Rest of the Semester:
If you’ve got a vial of tears from a fellow Hokie, a lanyard, a random sock from a laundry room, and your bracket, then you have all of the ingredients for a mean ass sacrifice. All you’ve got to do is make a fire, throw all the stuff in, and pledge your allegiance to the Dark Arts. You’ll be prepared for any test, pop quiz, or essay that may come your way.


4) Climb onto Schiffert and Feed the Horse On A Treadmill:
You might think Schiffert is only good for causing you to freak out about a misdiagnosis, when you could go onto Web MD and do the same thing on your own time, but if that were the case, why would it be a thing? The reason why is if you reach the top of Schiffert and say “horse on a treadmill” three times, you will hear a hoarse neigh and then a horse on a treadmill will appear out of thin air. You can pet this horse and feed it your bracket. But don’t’ try and take a pic or Snap with it, the horse will disappear.


3) Take a Pic of You and Your Bracket and Try to Make a Meme:
We all know that in 2017 people speak almost solely in memes (#stopmemes2017). Take a pic with your bracket, with the hope that’ll become a viral meme. Make a weird face and you could corner the “D2 shit” market.


2) Put Your Bracket in Those Table Card Things in the Dining Halls:
Putting your bracket in those table card things is basically like throwing it away without throwing it away. No one reads those things. Actually, people who say their favorite Disney movie is the Hunchback of Notre Dame read them, so like two people read them. Those two people will appreciate your bracket more than then the cruel, unfair world did.


1) Cross Out all the Team Names and Replace Them With Your Responsibilities
In this scenario anything could happen. A 1 seed (finding an internship and/or job) could easily fall to a 16th seed (watch some Netflix). A dark horse, like studying on the fifth floor of the library or finding your Hokie Passport, could make a surprising run into the Elite 8. You would be in control and get to see just how screwed up your priorities are.





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