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Blacksburg Bartender of the Week: Nicole from TOTS


Name: Nicole
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Communications
Favorite Drink: Rum and Coke


What would your dad say if he hung out in TOTS for a night?:
He would be overwhelmed. He could definitely drink everyone under the table, but it’s just so crowded here. He would hate it.


Describe the weirdest interaction you’ve had with a patron at TOTS:
There’s this regular that wears a Hokie Hat and walks down the stairs with his hands. I’ve never seen him fall and can never tell if he’s sober or drunk because he seems wild either way.


If a “Clue” murder happened at TOTS, who did it with what, where?:
The door guys. They would probably use a liquor bottle or draft handle. The murder would happen back by the stage because a lot of people do stupid stuff there.


What’s your favorite turn of phrase for a very drunk person (ex: hammered)?:
I don’t know… they’re just really drunk, I guess.


What is the first piece of music you ever owned?:
Britney Spears album


What’s the worst pants?:
Gaucho Pants


Does anything even matter?:
Yeah. School, dogs. Everyone matters. Am I supposed to be answering this seriously because I can’t tell?


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Their stories are funny/cute. I don’t think they’ve written about anything too serious. They also do a good job of talking about the nightlife in Blacksburg.




WATCH: For some, spring break is about partying on the beach. For others, it’s about wallowing in despair:


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