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The 2017 UVa Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1


At UVa, if there’s one thing we take more seriously than academics, it’s partying. Whether you’re a stay-at-home binge drinker, you’re the first in line at frats or you’ve never missed a weekend at the bar, there’s one thing we all have in common: drunk people gotta eat. It must be something about the copious amounts of alcohol that make us forget we’ve already eaten dinner, or perhaps our bodies just know they need something greasy to soak up all that frat juice.


In and around Grounds there are a ton of places to satisfy your drunk food cravings, and we want to know the best place to do it. Since March Madness has finally arrived, we’ve created a Drunk Food Bracket to let you vote on your favorite spots. Voting ends on Friday at 5 p.m. EST  and the winning drunk food restaurant will get a prize.



The American Division:


1.) Christian’s:
Christian’s is a staple on the Corner due to its location right beside Boylan and its accessibility on the route home for people who live back behind 14th. The pie is nice and pretty cheap too, just don’t try using the bathroom there on a weekend night.


2.) Littlejohn’s:
Littlejohn’s is a classic at UVa. With sandwiches like the Sampson named after one of the greatest basketball players of all time and a warm inviting feel inside despite all the outrageously drunk people in line in front of you, this place is iconic.


3.) White Spot:
Ya can’t go wrong with a Gus Burger and a Grillswith at the end of the night. If you order either of these items —the restaurant’s most popular by far— you can count on pretty speedy service as well.


4.) Benny’s:
Benny’s is a special place for those living a little further down University, like the people in the flats or people who don’t mind paying a lot of money to have a pizza delivered that may or may not fit inside your door. Regardless, the pizza is great and will feed you and 20 of your closest friends.



The Ethnic Conference:


1.) Got Dumplings:
Dumplings are not necessarily the most traditional drunk food, but it’s undeniable how satisfying that hot crunchy dumpling in the sauce and the cold noodles with that good peanut shit can be when you’re a little inebriated. Got Dumplings seems to rule the dumpling world here at UVa.


2.) Marco & Luca’s:
The other dumpling spot. We’re not sure if there’s a lot of shit-talking in the dumpling world, but it seems nearly impossible that M&L and GD don’t clash in a competition for customers.


3.) Ginkgo:
To eat here drunk, you may have to turn in a little bit early (they close at 11 on weekends) but for some good Chinese food, it might just be worth it. Try here after a day of dartying or perhaps if you need a mid-going out pick me up meal before you return to bars.


4.) Poke:
We can’t be 100% certain that raw fish in a bowl mixes well with lots of alcohol in your gut, but who are we to judge if you crave deconstructed sushi after a long night of drinking? Like Ginkgo, just try to make it here a little bit earlier, they’re not an all night joint like a lot of the other places.




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