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The 2017 UVa Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2


The UVa Drunk Food Bracket continues after a week of hard-fought, knock down, drag out matches between the best drunk food the Corner has to offer. After receiving hundreds of votes from students, the four strongest competitors have moved on to this week’s round of match-ups. Though UVa may be out of March Madness, our food brackets are going strong.


Voting end as 5 p.m. on Friday again, so be sure to vote your favorite midnight munchies locale to victory and a spot in the final round next week.


The American Division:


1.) Christian’s:
Christian’s took on Benny’s last week and, unsurprisingly, took home a victory with its convenient location and cheap slices. The late night bathrooms weren’t enough of a turnoff to keep away the mobs of drunkies looking for pizza, and dammit, we don’t blame them one bit.


2.) Littlejohn’s:
Now it’s personal. Littlejohn’s has been around UVa longer than most of our professors and the Corner staple never backs down from a challenge be it lines out the door or puke by the welcome mat. With the power of a well-toasted bun, Littlejohn’s faces off with Christian’s for the best of the Corner Icons.



The Ethnic Division:


1.) Got Dumplings:
It’s dumpling v. dumpling here, and things are getting heated, and no, we don’t mean by one of those lamps that keeps food hot. We mean steamy, crispy fresh dumplings served up with all our favorite Asian-inspired sides. Sure they’ve got dumplings, but have they got what it takes to win over Marco & Luca’s?


2.) Marco & Luca’s:
Coming out of a landslide victory over Ginkgo last week, Marco & Luca’s is feeling pretty good, but in the Dumplings Division, no one is safe. With an Italian sounding name in a Chinese man’s game, we wonder if Marco & Luca’s will pull ahead in a battle of pastry pouches.



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