5 Scariest Places Around Grounds to Avoid This Halloween

author-pic at University of Virginia  

Cue up the scary pumpkin people singing “This Is Halloween,” pop out your DVD of Hocus Pocus, put on your slutty Donald Trump costume, and be prepared for the hangover of a lifetime. If you’re anything like us, you might be looking for a spooky thrill ride of your own. Well, look no further. We have for you a definitive list of the scariest, spookiest, most horrifying places on Grounds, and the stories that make them so.

5.) The Rotunda:


First on this list is the most popular building on Grounds. But do you know its true origins? Contrary to popular belief, the Rotunda was not an architectural design Thomas Jefferson stole from Greek architecture. That was just a front for the real reason it was built. Really, the Rotunda was made as an outward shell to imprison the Rotunda Troll. His powers included enticing students to visit him, luring them into a trance, and preventing them from ever leaving again. Some have referred to the act as “studying,” but we don’t buy it. If your friend ever goes missing in the Rotunda, they have fallen victim to the lingering curse of the troll.

4.) The Chapel:


Cheers to an old building so gothic it could scare Satan himself. Outside of it being so old it could draw in Shelob, the Chapel is also known to be a prominent ghost lair containing the spirits of all of the 7 members who managed to die on Grounds. Their souls will remain there for eternity, or until there is another Ghostbusters remake made with an all-Asian cast.

3.) The Greenhouses:


There is no place creepier than this demented alleyway on Grounds. Just being there alone at night is scarier than all of the Paranormal Activity movies combined. Here you’d expect to see a half human-half Frankenstein mashup chasing and eating poor first years who just want to get back to their dorms. Rumor has it that an evil plant lady lurks around hugging trees and tending to plants. Also, if you are scared of clowns, we are willing to bet that a clown sighting occurs here before the end of this clown hysteria we are in the middle of. This is THE perfect place. In short, fuck these greenhouses for being so damn creepy.

2.) The End of Gilmer:


New students may know Gilmer Hall as the place where psychology majors reside. But as usual, Gilmer has a secret. Have you looked at the end of the building pictured above? That’s evidence of the a laser once there that emitted plasma light to reel in an alien. This is how UVa found our lord and savior Tony Bennett. In hopes of repeating their victory, UVa officials tried again. They received Mike London. The laser was then decommissioned and burned with the rest of the malfunctioning equipment in the Newcomb Fire of 2014.

1.) Cocke Hall:


Cocke Hall is perhaps the scariest for any frat brother during this Halloween season. Its scares don’t come from another world, or mystical beings, but from the tragic circumstances of creation. It’s a symbol of fraternity ritual gone wrong, when a big circle jerk session caused one of the pledge brothers to die. This lead to the addition of the “e” onto Cocke Hall to attempt to hide this scary story forever. But we’ll never forget.

The Black Sheep begs you with all of our might to avoid these scary places for Halloween. However, if you decide to break all conventions of surviving horror movies 101, be prepared for thrills so thrilling you’ll pee your pants and pretend you spilled your beer.