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6 Things You Won’t Miss About UVa Over Break


While every Wahoo is excited to get home and enjoy a nice winter break, it won’t be as perfect as you might expect. In those last few weeks of January, a weird sensation will creep up inside of you like the urge for a Chipotle burrito. You will begin to miss UVa, your friends, and your favorite illegal activities. But don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty for us not to miss about this place. Here is a list of everything you will be grateful to leave behind, like the poncho, the Jonas Brothers, and that Facebook game Farmville. 

6.) O’hill:

Let’s be honest. When you’re are sitting at home eating ham, vegetables, or whatever other home cooked meals you force your parents to cook, you won’t be thinking, “Man, I wish I was eating O’hill right now.” At least Newcomb and Runk have some redeeming qualities in the form of Runk Brunch or better options. What does O’hill have? The power to give you food poisoning and a festering cesspool of germs.

5.) Charlottesville Construction and Traffic:

Can you name the first time you got anywhere on Emmet Street in under fifteen minutes? Trick question. You can’t. No one can, unless the E-School has a flying car program or you’re a comm school student with a private jet. Apparently, construction and horrible traffic is a part of Cville’s DNA. All the first years can point to the “little” project on Alderman Road where one lane has been blocked off for over a week to do some work or repave what did NOT need to be repaved. That’s the UVa way, creating work that doesn’t need to be done. Yes professors, that is a low key diss.

4.) Hallucinations:

On the fourth day of finals our true loves gave to us, four major freak-outs, three full bottles of wine, two times wishing you had paid attention in class, one homicidal maniac, and what feels like 4,659 days without sleep. The latter can cause you to act very strange, and start seeing things that aren’t there. Are you just tired, or was that really the ghost of Thomas Jefferson? Do you need headphones, or is that really your professor laughing at how horrible your paper is?

3.) Other Hoos:

No, seriously, you will be glad far from the vicinity of this place that’s trying to cram over 20,000 students in a two mile radius every day. No more slow walkers by the McCormick Bridge. No more thirty-minute lines for Chick-Fil-A. No more playing musical chairs for a seat in a library. The world is yours to be as anti-social as you please.

2.) Competition:

UVa is known for being super competitive. Yes, all of our grades are really high. Yes, we came out of the womb with our resumés already formatted and e-mailed to all of the Fortune 500s. But the biggest form of competition on Grounds isn’t getting into a lawn room, it’s Tinder. Over break you will notice yourself swimming in matches, nothing like when you’re at UVa. Apparently all the really hot people really do congregate to one place.

1.) The Corner:

Okay before you get out your rocks and garbage to throw, outside of numerous bars being in one spot, there is nothing great about the Corner. Most of the bars are not even that good. People just like getting drunk. Well, at home you can do that without paying for overpriced drinks. Sure, your friends aren’t around, but that means they can’t convince you to drunk text that cute boy from a week ago in a way that will have him avoiding you for months. Win win.

Be grateful you go to UVa, but also be grateful that every once in a while we lucky folks get to escape. We will miss many things about you Charlottesville, but these are the things that we could do without.

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